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Designing Website’s for Local Newcastle Clients

After successfully building a grand reputation in Middlesbrough, Espresso Web has made it an ambition to conquer Newcastle too. With an ever growing portfolio of web design and SEO projects, it’s easy to see why our reputation is as good as it is. We have worked with customers from far and wide, from Europe, Africa, Asia and America, although the passion for what we do has always come from working with local North East customers… which brings us to Newcastle.

Newcastle upon Tyne is a big city with lots to offer. Business is diverse and the people are passionate. It seems as though everyone has the same drive and passion to succeed as the next, and these are the things we thrive on. Working with local Newcastle customers on their marketing has always been fun but our Middlesbrough office has restricted us. As our business continues to make steady growth, we felt the time had come to open another office. Newcastle was an obvious choice and we look forward to working with local businesses operating in the areas close by.

This year Newcastle was announced as a city that has an ever growing digital sector, over 22,000 people are employed in the industry and the overall turnover in the sector grew by 29%. Priding ourselves at being at the forefront of the digital marketing world we decided that Newcastle should be part of Espresso Web's expansion.

Newcastle Office Exterior

Web design Newcastle Upon Tyne

The world of web design is constantly evolving and Espresso Web is moving with the times. As well as opening a new office right here in Newcastle upon Tyne, we are always developing our team, enhancing our product range, improving our industry knowledge and expanding to become a full service digital marketing agency. In fact, I think it’s fair to say we’ve done it. We are there.

Newcastle Office Interior

Full Service Agency

See inside the new Espresso Web office in Newcastle using the virtual tour we have created for you to the right (or below on mobile). If you wish to discuss a potential website project, we can talk to you over the phone or (ideally) we can meet with you here. Once there, we will listen to your ideas and speak to you about the different options you have available for web design.

As a digital marketing agency offering a comprehensive range of web design services in Newcastle, Espresso Web has it all. We offer a variety of services that includes the design and creation of websites, SEO, PPC, and much much more. When speaking specifically about websites however, there are a few main options available to you.

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Brochure Websites

Brochure Websites

Brochure websites are how most websites will usually start life, before eventually being upgraded to an e-commerce website or at least one with a content management system. A brochure website should offer information to website visitors in the form of text, images and other engaging media. A good brochure site that has been designed and optimised correctly can often be as effective as a full e-commerce system.

Brochure websites can have as many pages as you need them to, in order to provide customers with the information they are looking for. They are usually quite cost-effective, depending on how many pages are needed, and are perfect for businesses on a budget or for those of you looking for a website requiring little maintenance. These types of websites provide an excellent platform to begin advertising products/services online.

CMS Websites

Content Management

Being able to manage website content isn’t always a priority for business owners or marketing managers, but we feel it should be. Having the ability to update, add to and retract information from your website is crucial. Not only is fresh content a valuable part of SEO, but it’s important for your customers to know you are a real company. By adding fresh, unique and informative content on a regular basis, you can make sure your customers, old and new, remain interested in you and the services you offer.

No website goes out the Espresso Web doors without a content management system. We will integrate a CMS into every website build, maximising our client's opportunity for success online. Upload images, edit text and make sure the information on your website is fresh and up to date at all times using a website built with a CMS.

E-commerce Websites


Should you be looking to update your e-commerce website, we can do this for you. No matter how big or small your website is, no matter how many products you have, we will gladly discuss all ideas with you and show you how to make the most of the internet and its many opportunities.

Selling products online can open the doors to a huge world filled with money and joy. Before that though, the foundations need to be right. It’s not enough to have a website and a product and cross your fingers. Your e-commerce website needs to be structured correctly and built with SEO in mind. This is not only something we have experience in doing, but something we are incredibly good at (and extremely proud of). We have several e-commerce web design projects that we continue to play a part of and we are constantly looking for new clients to assist in their marketing endeavours.

Thanks again to Lee and the team at Espresso Web

Every time we have dealings we are blown away by their commitment. If you are looking for a company who is going to look after the client properly, look no further. Fantastic at SEO and so quick to deal with web issues they put all the other web companies i've dealt with to shame.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

5 Reasons to Choose Espresso Web for Web Design Newcastle?

Good website companies can be difficult to come by. When you finally find that one company to make everything ok, you should do all you can to keep hold of them and never let them go.

Our aim is to build relationships for life - From consultations through to design, development through to the completion of your website, we hope to become friends with our customers.

Below, we have listed a few of the key reasons we believe you should choose us when looking for a local web design company in Newcastle upon Tyne:

  1. We take things VERY seriously, but like to have a LITTLE fun at the same time.
  2. We make a HUGE effort to find out what you TRULY want.
  3. We build GENUINE relationships with our clients that last a LIFETIME.
  4. We have a strong PASSION for every related to WEB DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT.
  5. We understand that NO CUSTOMER is the same. We treat every individual project uniquely, tailoring our service to suit YOU.

We have an intelligent, quirky, creative team full of hardworking people that love to go the extra mile. We give you the freedom to make your own decisions when it comes to your online marketing and will only ever advise the best routes that we think you should go down. We hope to make all web projects personal, working closely with our clients to get them the results they need.

Our Passionate for Web Design & Development

As you would expect our company is made up of web developers and website designers, but this isn’t all we do. We also have a knowledgeable sales force, that can guide you on your user journey, social media specialists, search engine marketers, PPC analysts and a customer service team that rocks.

As a unit, our passion for the world wide web is unrivalled in the North East. A step inside our office and you’ll see for yourself the passion and drive we have for success. Our team love working on new projects and our long-standing customers have become life-long friends. We understand that no role in digital marketing is easy, respecting one another’s skill set to ensure we can support each other in times of need. By this we mean, when busy times lie ahead, we don’t back down… We get on with the job and do what we have to do to make sure our customers get the very most out of the services we offer.

Where does our passion come from? The willing to help others living and working locally around us to succeed. If we can play just a small role in the success of North East businesses, we will be happy. If we can play a huge role, then it makes everything we do worthwhile.

Where to find us?

If you’re wanting to find the best web design company specialising in ‘web design Newcastle’, Espresso Web is perfectly positioned. We are ideally located opposite Newcastle Central train station, making it easy for North East customers to find us without too much trouble.

Our office can be found 2 floors above Greggs, with Subway positioned neatly next door. The alleyway separating the two fast food rivals leads to one of Newcastle’s leading picnic spots, where many of the Toon’s faithful workers can be found devouring their dinners, both during the week and at weekends. The building itself is connected to Hollywood, playing a key role in the popular elevator scene from the all-star, action movie, ‘Get Carter’.

Inside the office is where the magic happens though. Here we can discuss plans for your marketing, talking about your different web design options and helping you to understand how we work as a company. The best part is, we won’t charge you a penny for consulting with us. All web design and development talks are FREE OF CHARGE. Only when we are asked to build a website (along with a comprehensive range of other marketing services) will we send you an invoice.

Long story short, you can find us with ease in the centre of Newcastle city centre, nearby to public transport and popular food restaurants, located just a minute or two away from the infamous River Tyne. Isn’t that canny like?

What makes great web design?

Everyone has their own ideas about what’s important when it comes to designing a website. Some say the appearance is what matters most and others say it’s all about usability; some also say that great web design involves a gentle balance of both of these things.

The way we see it, every opinion matters. If someone thinks something is important (whether that be a customer or another agency), we are willing to listen.

Creating a Website that WORKS

Usability, appearance, imagery, colour schemes, mobile usability and the way we display information on a web page all play a key role in its success or failure. By taking all things into consideration (and we mean ALL THINGS), we can work together to ensure the development of your website is successful and that is works how you want it to.

If you are specifically looking for a web design company in Newcastle, you’ll want to be picky about the company you choose. Not all web design agencies carry the same values as we do, nor do they all care about getting results for their customers. Some companies care more about money and others care more about churning websites out the door quickly to move on to the next sale. From a business perspective this isn’t a bad thing, but from a customer point-of-view, the journey will generally be a bad one.

UX Journey: Why is it Important?

As a customer, it’s vitally important that you are taken on a happy journey that ends where you want it to. Whether we are planning user journeys for our own clients’ websites or putting it into practice ourselves, there’s a definitive method to our madness. Here is a brief overview of how we think a good UX journey should work:

Whether you are looking for a company that specialises in responsive web design or ecommerce web design, Espresso will go the extra mile to make sure your user journey is one to be remembered.

Find the Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Dealing with a diverse range of clients on a regular basis, we will often get asked the same questions. With that in mind, we thought we would do our best to answer some of them for you. For obvious reasons we can’t answer all questions, so we have listed the top 5 frequently asked questions below, along with the answers to these.

The design of your website will have a serious impact on the success of your website. A poorly designed website will fail to capture the attention of potential customers. On the other hand, a website that has been designed properly will keep your website visitors interested for more than just a couple of seconds.

The design of your website will affect user engagement, bounce rate and overall conversions. Whether you want your website visitors to contact you, buy products, or make bookings online, it’s important to get the design right from the start.

Keeping visitors on your website is only the start though. They need to be able to find the things they need. Whether this is prices, contact information, opening times or products themselves, your website needs to be easy to navigate. These are just a few of the reasons why website design is so important, but we won’t reveal all the answers here.

Ultimately, it depends what you are hoping to achieve. If you already have a website then you might require something more modern to keep with the times. Or, if you are new to web, you might require a completely new website, built from scratch.

As we discussed further up the page, there are several options available when speaking about web design. Brochure, e-commerce and CMS website are just a few of the main options that are available. You should consider all of these options before making a decision regarding what type of website you would like. (We can assist you with this though).

The design of your website contributes to this, but even some of the highest quality websites will struggle to be successful online without a solid SEO strategy in place. There are thousands of factors that contribute to how well your website will rank (not only on Google, but other search engines too), so it’s important to do some research to find out what SEO is and why you should be doing it.

Businesses that want to succeed online need to be visible. To do this, you need to have the foundations right. Unique, well-written content, engaging media (such as videos, infographics and photographs) and a website that is easy to navigate, are just a few of the starting points, but there are hundreds more that can contribute to where your website ranks in SERPs.

Website design and SEO go hand in hand. Combine a well designed website with a structured SEO campaign and your business can progress even further.

It depends on what you want to achieve. How many pages do you want? Do you want a CMS? Are you looking for an e-commerce website? What about products?

There are so many factors that need to be considered before we even begin to put a price on a website. It’s important for us to gather as much information as we can from you so that we can give you an accurate quote. Every project is unique and we will always treat them that way. We pride ourselves on our non-package products, uniquely tailoring our service to suit each customer's needs.

So you have purchased a website from Espresso Web and it’s time to discuss the design, but where do you start? We would suggest you do some research to find a few example website you like. This will make both our lives much easier when it comes to the design process.

Sure, we love designing websites from scratch (it’s our passion), although we often hear the words; “I like this design, can I have something similar?”.

Of course you can - Something similar, not the same. If you happen to fall in love with someone else's website then we can use this a starting point for your design. We can extract elements and use new, innovative ideas to ensure your website not only looks similar, but functions effectively and serves you well in the future.

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