Espresso Web is based in the heart of Middlesbrough and have been for a number of years now. So it’s fair to say that we’ve seen Middlesbrough for all it’s worth. To help show to you why this town is so important to us, we have a few reasons on why we love Middlesbrough. We hope that you will share the same love as we do for Middlesbrough and that you choose to visit the ‘Boro’ very soon… And if you do, be sure to come into our office to say ‘Hi!’.

History Behind Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough has some brilliant stories behind the history of the town. From being a part of the first locomotive to take passengers from Stockton to Darlington to the friction match invention made by John Walker in 1826. We are also able to celebrate some fine art in the Mima Art Museum which is situated close by to Middlesbrough Town Centre. In terms of history, Middlesbrough has played a very important role in UK history and even Middlesbrough Football Club holds some treasures.

Local Attractions

As we’re a Middlesbrough based company, all of our employees see the best of Middlesbrough on a daily basis during their commute to and from work. From cycling past Middlesbrough Football Club to driving home past the Tees Transporter Bridge, this town has some amazing attractions and we’d be the first ones to shout about their excellence…

Having discussed this through with our team, we all agreed that Middlesbrough has some brilliant attractions, but best of all everything you could imagine is close by. Whether you’re looking to feel the sand between your feet on a beach, enjoy an afternoon of retail therapy at the local shopping centre or have a romantic meal close by with a loved one, Middlesbrough has you covered.

Have you heard? Middlesbrough Council have invested £74 million into the area with aspirations of achieving £700 million through new local business. So it looks like our local area is about to get some new improvements and investments into it!

Middlesbrough Football Club

Famous Names

With Middlesbrough having an amazing historic value, attractions, landmarks and handfuls of famous people from in and around the local area of Middlesbrough, it holds heaps of reasons to visit the town. Some of the most famous names that have came from Middlesbrough include:

  • Thomas Sheraton
  • Billy Elliot – Jamie Bell
  • Journey South
  • Captain Cook
  • Mary Butterwick
  • Steve Gibson
  • Roy Chubby Brown
  • James Arthur

And Best of All….

The brilliant and wonderful Chicken Parmesan. Anyone from the Middlesbrough or Teesside area will know how delicious the ‘Parmo’ is. Made from chicken breast, bechamel sauce and cheese, the Chicken Parmesan is the favourite dish for any true Teessider. If you are in the Teesside area any time soon, we do suggest that you try a Chicken Parmesan as it’s simply unbelievable!

Chicken Parmesan

We hope that these reasons show you why we love Middlesbrough and give you a reason to visit this beautiful town! Middlesbrough is honestly an incredible town and has plenty to do for all ages. Whether you’re interested in shopping or art, places to eat or business, Middlesbrough is ever growing for all reasons. Just look at how far Espresso Web has came over the years…

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