What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an extremely useful digital marketing tool that allows you to measure, compare, isolate and review any amounts of data surrounding your website, and more importantly, how your audience use and interact with your website.

Why is it important to track your Google Analytics data?

The data that is held in Analytics can take your website to the next level in terms of meeting your business aims and objectives.

Many companies and small businesses in the UK do not yet have access to this data for a number of reasons ranging from, not being the ones who set up the tool (instead employing an external agency to manage this for them), or to simply not know how to work the tool and get the most from it.

We are trying to tackle this as it shouldn’t just be the specialists in digital marketing that hold all of the cards that are held within Analytics, so we have written a small overview to the various elements of the tool that will be able to help you improve your site, and in turn your business.

So, what data can Google Analytics give you?

Google Analytics can give you a plethora of data and information, so much so, that it’s easy to understand how it can baffle some people as to where to start. However, the tool splits the information it provides, up into smaller, bite-size chunks to make it a bit easier for anyone to understand and make use of.

Google categorises this into:

  • Realtime (the number and location of people using your site at any one time.),
  • Audience (from active users to the value of each user, this section can tell you locations, demographics, interests, the devices your audience are using to access your site. It can also show you the flow of users through your site to tell you how easy your site is to navigate through.),
  • Acquisition (Traffic to your site segmented by channel, Adwords from your paid campaigns, Search console, social and campaigns, all of which tell you how successfully you are capturing your audience in terms of stats.),
  • Behaviour (Behaviour flow of how people travel through your site, site content and speed, covering the performance of each, site search to tell you the terms that people are searching in order to find your site, and events data capturing such as how many people watched videos on your site.),
  • Conversions (Goals that are based on what you deem to be a success such as a contact forms being filled in or a sale going through, ecommerce data for ecomm sites, multi-channel funnels showing your top conversion paths and how long it takes for users to convert.)


From all of this you can see a number of things;

  1. How your users find you
  2. Once they find you, whether they find what they are looking for or not from you
  3. How quickly they convert or travel through your site
  4. How wide your natural reach is, through organic traffic
  5. Where you should target your campaigns
  6. Where your audience are and the best methods of getting in touch with them
  7. And so much more!


Having access to this data is pivotal to the successful running of your business, as it can inform the campaigns you run, the places you target, and how your site should be structured. For example, if you delve into this data and find that your bounce-rate is high on a particularly important page, your audience are dropping off your site at a certain point, or you’re your traffic numbers are decreasing, you could delve into devices to make sure your site works the way it should on the most popular device, you can pin-point the problem pages, improve the content, overall design and internal linking to make it easier for your audience to access this page, or adapt the site structure to ensure your audience find what they are looking for quicker.

All of this could lead to increased enquiries, improved sales, and a better brand reputation.

The data you can find in Google Analytics can be overwhelming, but getting to grips with the tool could open up opportunities that could make your ROI that little bit healthier, or help you achieve those vital business objectives that take your business further in your industry.

Take control of your data and see what you can achieve!

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