There are many businesses out there trying to sell products and services online. After checking out several websites they can all begin to seem the same. In order to get sales the website should be visually appealing and invoke positive thoughts when customers visit it. Therefore, Espresso Web have came up with some key tips and web design ideas that will help increase sales on your website. If your website is outdated or unresponsive, then it undoubtedly will require a new design altogether and this is something that our team will be more than happy to help with.

Responsive Website

Content Presentation

Quality blog posts are one of the top ways to attract visitors to the website. The layout of the blog will determine if people will actually read the article. Any images on the site should be attractive and they should appear clear even when they are viewed on a mobile device. A custom WordPress design is one of the best ways to present pictures. Photos should be taken in house and stock photos should be avoided wherever possible.

Videos are a great way to get the attention of viewers. Especially now more than ever, as videos are one of the best ways to advertise your business as they catch people’s attention. If you choose to use videos in your marketing, they should be well produced and show a benefit of the product or service that is being sold. They should also be high quality and well designed.

Clear Call to Action

A simple but well developed and a clear call to action is very important. This will reduce confusion and will make it easier on the visitors. Do not put too much information on the website. The modern consumer does like to be informed but an information overload can have a negative effect on sales. It’s fantastic to have a glowing website with all of the latest features, but with no call to action, how will your visitors contact you?


It is important to be consistent with the design throughout your website. The advertising that a brand has online should be consistent with the marketing that is done offline. This will make the brand recognisable to customers and give them a sense of familiarity. Choose the same colors, patterns, images, and effects in all advertising. This will make things easy to read. The words used on the ads should use no more than two different fonts that work well together.

Mobile Friendly Design

The majority of people access the internet from their mobile phone. The website that a business uses should adapt to mobile device, this is called a responsive website. The layout should be the same quality as if a person was viewing it on a regular computer. This will provide a better user experience and will ensure that the users keep coming back. If the website is not clearly seen on a mobile screen users will go elsewhere. Many people also make purchases from their phone and the website has to be able to handle mobile purchases, this is called an e-commerce website.

Keep the Target Audience in Mind

Every company has a specific group of people that are the most likely to purchase their products or their services. This is known as the target audience. A company should use designs that are the most likely to get the attention of these people. While the rest of the market should not be excluded a company needs to pay specific attention to the ones that are most likely to make a purchase. The website should show how the product solves a problem the customer has. This should be clear and easy to understand. A consumer should feel like they need this product in order to make their life easier.

Clear Contact Information

If a potential customer has a specific question about a product or service they are going to want to contact the company. They may want to send an email or make a phone call to ask their question. The contact information should be easy to find. If the visitor has to search around for contact information they will move onto another site that can help them.

These are some ways that a business can improve their web design in order to increase their sales. Websites need to be user friendly, visually appealing, and clearly show the benefits of doing business with this company. These tips will help a business attract more visitors to their website which will allow them to increase sales. Espresso Web hope that this has helped you to move forward with your website in order to increase sales. Should you require further assistance with the design of your website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 01642 931 380.

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