In the web industry trends don’t last very long. New and exciting concepts, techniques and tools are constantly being introduced. Creative minds are always working hard to keep the industry fresh by challenging the norms and developing innovative new design styles. In other words, a lot can change in a year, and as 2016 comes to an end, it’s time to see what a new year could bring to the table for the world of web design. As any web designer knows, keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry is incredibly important.

Up and Coming Web Design Trends

We’ve gathered together a few of the top web design trends, that we think will make an impact in 2017.


peugeot story telling

Designers are giving users rich, unique experiences through the use of visual storytelling. However, storytelling through a website can be quite a complex endeavour, but it’s not impossible. One of the most common types of storytelling set to take hold is scrolling graphic novels; which tell the a story behind the content, as you scroll through the website.

Semi Flat Design

semi flat web design

The design world became inundated with flat design. However, flat design did come with some pitfalls and has slowly been morphing into semi-flat design to correct usability issues. By integrating depth and dimension through the use of subtle shadows, cards and well-thought out transitions, semi-flat design has become a much better design alternative due to its ease of usability.

Unique Grid Use

Overlapping Grids

One of the first things about unique grid use is the ability to cleverly lay images around the screen, such as stacking them on top of each other. Stacking images isn’t a problem, because as the user rolls over an image the z-index of the image shifts, bringing the photo to the top of the pile. The freedom to be able to overlay images and have them move around when you scroll, click or hover, means you can have more flexibility over how content and pages are laid out.


Cinemagraph Coffee

Cinemagraphs are extremely powerful visuals. They enhance the desired mood of a website and give sites an additional layer of wonder, mystique, and elegance. Cinemagraphs are better than videos because they don’t eat up as much bandwidth and they’re certainly much better than photos, because they provide something more than a simple still shot. This technology isn’t new, but we do expect to see it integrated into more websites in the coming year.

Centered / Split Content

Split Content

Centered content is a powerful style that will become ever more prevalent on home pages. Centered content places the main message smack dab at the center of the screen with striking visuals or smooth textures surrounding it to create a dramatic visual effect. This layout works brilliantly for pages with minimal content like home pages. However, pages with more substance will more than likely also be getting a face lift with split content layout design. Split content divides the screen into wide sections. The major benefit to the split content design is that look of each section can vary greatly without being dictated by a single tone. This in turn allows more creative freedom without threatening the clarity of the content.

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