Maintaining Happy Customers

This month we celebrate our Client Relations team birthdays, happy birthday Kelly and Sophia, so we thought what better way to celebrate, than by writing a blog about what they’re good at… keeping customers happy!

Here at Espresso Web, clients are at the forefront of our mind, and we always look for ways to improve their experience, and make sure our clients are happy. So, with clients always being our number one priority, we understand that it’s important for them to feel valued. Here we take a look at some simple ways of ensuring that our clients are always happy!


1. Getting to Know Your Client

Get to know their expectations and communication style. After just a couple of conversations, if you have been paying attention, you’ll be able to gauge how your client wants to be communicated with. Some of our clients may prefer a conversation over the phone, while others prefer to have an email sent, and not forgetting meeting face to face meetings. Here at Espresso we know how important it is to communicate with clients, so we are always willing to adapt our working ways to keep the client happy. You may also find that some clients will be in touch with you at around about the same time each week, you could anticipate this contact and call the client before they make contact with you.

2. Be Contactable

How frustrating is it when you phone a company and hear “we are experiencing a high volume of calls at the moment, please bear with us” or “you are caller number 8 in the queue”. During your normal working hours, attempt to answer all your calls, if you cannot answer the call, respond to any voicemails as soon as possible. When clients find it easy to get through to you, or know that their questions are answered straight away, it keeps them happy. Happy clients, happy staff, happy directors! Don’t forget if you are spending time away from work or the office, let clients know and put an out of office on your emails. Don’t let them think you aren’t getting back in touch with them because you can’t be bothered!

3. Get Involved

Don’t be scared to give clients your input, think of their project as your project. If you think that the tiles will look better in a different colour, then tell them. Tell them if you think the call to action on a website needs be bolder. Let them know if you think their images don’t showcase work to their full potential. Ultimately the client will thank you for this in the long run, as you will be helping to improve their project. As a professional, take your ideas to the drawing board, and create a vision that you and your client can like and achieve.

Never forget that a client comes to you for your service, because they lack the expertise in that field, so they trust you and your judgement. If you feel you cannot complete a project, make sure you are honest and upfront with the customer from the get go. Don’t say you are the right person for the job if you’re not, the customer will respect your honesty and trust you for advice going forward.

4. Stick to Deadlines

Deadlines are important for clients, when a client is investing money in a project, they expect the project to be completed in the designated time scale. Imagine how happy a client would be if you complete the project well within a deadline. A client may have a project that needs to be ready for a launch. So, if it is ready well before the launch, yourself and the client have time to work together to fix any snags that may come up. Having the perfect project for a product launch or business launch, will ultimately make the client money. If a client is making money and sees a return on investment they are going to be happy. Not only this, but the client will find you reliable, and will recommend your services to potential clients, referrals always come in handy!

5. Follow Up

Don’t just think that once a client project has finished, that is the end of your contact. Follow up, whether it’s 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year after the work has been complete, just give them a call or an email and make sure they are happy! If you keep in touch with a client, they are more likely to use your service again, they won’t see you as getting in touch when you need money off them. Build rapport with the client, ask about family, holidays, Christmas, this should come easy if you follow point 1 and get to know your client. When you speak to the client, post project completion, you also need to make them valued, let them know your care about their opinion about their experience on working with you.


How Happy Clients Can Benefit Your Business

For any business to be successful, customer satisfaction is vital to the growth and well-being of the business. You can make sure you keep your customers happy by getting to know them, keeping in regular contact, offering your advice and opinions on what will work for and benefit the client, be realistic and stick to deadlines.

Making customers happy can take them from a onetime customer to a repeat customer. With it will bring more money into your business, which will benefit you immensely. Not only does it bring in more money from the client you have kept happy, but it comes from their recommendation to other clients too.

Your work ethic is also important things like: good manners, good time keeping, and rapport building is what will set you apart from your competitors.

If you take these 5 points in to account, you will not only see your customers happy, but you will also see your business flourish.

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