We’re taking part in this years’ CEO Sleepout in Middlesbrough and Stockton to help raise awareness and funds for the fantastic charity!

CEO Sleepout is an amazing charity that operates across the UK, hosting events in as many areas around the country as possible, in a bid to help combat homelessness and poverty.

On Thursday November 2nd our directors, Stephen and Stephen, will be swapping their home comforts for a sleeping bag; spending the night out in the cold at Preston Park Museum, in Middlesbrough to lend a helping hand to our local area.

Homelessness is something we care deeply about. Being a small business with a family-like ethos that loves where we hail from, we are always looking to help those who are in need. This is an issue that is on the rise thanks to the harsh economy we are now living in. We have opted to help, and set a target of £500 to raise for the charity. We have a Just Giving page ready for anyone who would like to lend a helping hand in reaching this target and making an impact on those people in our community that are living in, or facing poverty and homelessness.

Sleeping on the streets is something no-one expects to face, and in the winter months, it can get particularly difficult for those who do. No-one should have to face the horrible situation that is sleeping rough, which is why we are determined to help and do something about it!

Whether people are sleeping out in the cold or under a roof with very little comfort, it’s something that needs to be changed. So why not get involved and raise funds for the charity or simply donate – every penny counts.

Making a Difference

Our main aim is to make a difference.
As a company, and as individuals, we believe that we can help make a change to these people’s lives. From raising the much-needed funds, to experiencing their circumstances, even if just for a night.

Like many of you reading this, we often donate our spare change in the high street to someone who is homeless, which is easily done; but what’s next? How about knowing you’ve changed their life and got them off the street?

By contributing to the CEO Sleepout you could be a part of this. You may not be sleeping ‘rough’ for the night, but your donations can be put towards setting up accommodation, hot food, and even help a homeless person to turn their life around. Just a few pounds to you could be a couple of coffees to get you going in the morning, but to someone living in poverty or on the streets, it could mean a hot meal, accommodation for a night, or even a weeks’ worth of electricity to heat up their home.

Speaking to Stephen and Stephen…

We sat down with Stephen and Stephen to find out what pushed them to get involved…

What made you want to take part?

Stephen: The fact we have people living on the streets of Teesside and in poverty in 2017, is unacceptable in my opinion. What these people must go through just living life day to day, I cannot imagine! Taking part is going to put me in their shoes for a night and allow me to raise the much-needed funds and awareness.

Stephen: You hear about homelessness a lot in the news and on TV, but seeing it first-hand gives you a massive reality check. We’re all very lucky to have a home to go to every night and seeing the faces of people who sleep on the street each and every night, gave me a push to want to make a change.

How do you feel about taking part?

Stephen: I wouldn’t say I am looking forward to the weather in November with very little protection, but if I am to contribute to trying to eradicate homelessness not only in Teesside, but throughout the Country, I’m more than happy to face it.

Ste: I feel excited, but very nervous. We’ll be put in their shoes to see what it’s like for them every night, and to be honest it’s going to be tough. If it takes sleeping on the streets to show how serious homelessness is, then it’s what is needed.

How will you prepare for the night?

Stephen: I will be buying an extra thick sleeping bag, a hot water bottle and a nice thick hat.

Ste: I’ll second that Stephen, and thick socks too!

Will the experience change you in any way?

Stephen: I think so, it’s one thing hearing about it on the news and knowing of the issue, and a totally different thing experiencing it for yourself!

Ste: Feeling how they feel will put me in a difficult frame of mind. I’ll struggle to be away from my family, so I can’t imagine how it feels for those that face this day in and day out.

Donating to The CEO Sleepout

If you want to do your bit and donate to the CEO Sleepout, you can do so on our Just Giving page. This has been set up by espressoweb with the aim of raising £500 for the cause. Any donations would be hugely appreciated by all our team, the CEO Sleepout and of course those who benefit from the charity. We would like to say a huge thank you for all donations that are made!

Thank you for reading our post. We will keep you updated of any further news and updates from the charity, as well as how much is raised for this fantastic cause!

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