Hi Everyone!

My name is Andy and I am a Customer Account Manager at Espresso Web, I’ve been part of the team for about a month now so I thought I would share with you how I’ve found my time as a customer account manager.
Andy Palmer

Why Espresso Web?

My first ever job was working in a garage, and although I enjoyed the manual labour of working on cars it just wasn’t for me. I felt my place was more in sales – a place where I could give more to people, I knew a few people who worked at Espresso Web and found out the team was hiring after researching Espresso Web I learned how much of a reputable company they where and jumped at the chance for an interview.

I Got the Job

After being at Espresso for a month, my first week has became a blur I remember there was a lot of learning and new challenges I had to face, however the team at Espresso where patient and helpful when I needed to learn new aspects of my role.

My first month has been entertaining, yet challenging I’ve learnt all about Bizify and how important the directory is for your business. Bizify allows businesses to be found for the services and location the company is wanting to promote in a specific area, in turn bringing more customers to that business.

It’s nice to see how Espresso Web works as a company and how the company integrates with clients. I thought people where just being nice to me because I was the ‘newbie’ but everyone is so friendly and willing to help each other out without any question. The team made me feel so comfortable that if I didn’t understand anything or needed help I didn’t hesitate to ask for help, everyone on the sales team where happy to answer my questions.

My Thoughts on Espresso Web

Espresso Web is easily one of the best places I have worked, the office atmosphere is friendly and laidback yet dedicated to their clients and go above and beyond to help their clients succeed. The structure of the company always puts the clients first and make sure they are receiving the best service possible.

It is really nice to see what a difference I make to my own set of clients and watching how their business grows and succeed. Although some days are more challenging than others I know I am surrounded by a helpful bunch who will help me overcome any difficulties I may run into.

So far my time at Espresso Web has been fun and interesting, I’ve learnt a lot over the past few weeks and I cant wait to see what the future holds for me at Espresso Web.

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