Yesterday’s Regional Awards Night

What a great night we had last night at the North East Business Awards! With a 3 course meal, fantastic magician, the Band of The Royal Armoured Corps playing and guest speaker John Pienaar, we thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment and run through of the night. Making it to the regional heat of the awards is a huge achievement itself for our team and we were really proud and humbled to be there. With so much effort put into both the awards and all of our apprentices, Espresso Web were in high hopes for the night and wished the best of luck to all of the other businesses attending. As we approached 9:45 pm for the announcements of the awards, we all took to our seats and crossed our fingers for the results…

Regional Awards Night

Our team unfortunately didn’t win our category but it didn’t put our spirits down, as we enjoyed the rest of the night ahead with a handful of our fantastic team. As we began to chat among ourselves, we quickly learnt that it wasn’t about winning that mattered, but taking part. To get to where we have has been a massive step forward for Espresso Web and we’re really proud of all our apprentices. The fact that we have current and former apprentices in our office, happy to be at work and enjoying their apprenticeship, that’s enough for us and we’ll take that as a win!

Regional Awards Night

Apprenticeships at Espresso Web

Apprenticeships are the foundations of Espresso Web and our apprentices mean a great deal to us. We put a lot of effort into our apprentices, be it in training or getting to understand the best way in which they learn, we always work to ensure that they’re completely happy with the training they’ve been provided. Whether it’s starting up a sweet shop in our office or taking our apprentices away to business exhibitions, we’ll do whatever it takes to make them feel like the rest of our team. Here at Espresso Web our main goal in taking on apprenticeships is to help develop their learning in a career that suits them. This could be with support in dedicated learning time or putting them through a course to boost training, it is always dealt on an individual basis.

Having Fun!

If you follow us on social media, you’ll see that we’re always up for having fun! Last Summer we enjoyed some outdoor activity competitions, a Monte Carlo Night and this year we’ve had an Easter Party, and celebrated our 5th birthday. We’ve done lots of other things over the years but these are some of our favourite.

We’ll always aim to create a family feeling environment in our business. Whether it be in or outside of work, there’s always someone here that you can talk to. This is one of the main reasons why we believe that we got shortlisted and won the Teesside heat of the awards. We care about our team and will always go above and beyond to ensure that their completely happy both during and after their apprenticeships…

Again, a huge well done to our team for getting this far, we’re beyond proud of you all.

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