I have recently joined the SEO team at Espresso Web as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. I’m now in my third week of being here and felt it was time to write about how my time has been here so far, as an apprentice.

A Bit About Me

I recently moved to the North East from Gloucestershire and so I’m fairly new to the area. Once I moved, I started looking for apprenticeships in Digital Marketing and got an interview with a leading training provider.
They recommended that I apply for an apprenticeship with Espresso Web as they had recently won an award for apprenticeships. This was quite a relief for me, as I knew that this company had experience with apprentices, and that I would be taken care of.

First Impressions

My first impression when I walked into the reception area of Espresso Web, was that it looked modern and professional. I was geted with friendly smiles from everyone and then taken into the meeting room with Stephen and Dave. I was quite nervous, as I had never been in an office environment or worked full-time before. A few hours after the interview I received a phone call and was pleased to find out that they wanted me to start a few days later.
After days of worrying about the new office environment I was going to be working in, I found that I could not have been more wrong with my assumptions. In the office at Espresso Web, they were less like colleagues and more like a little work family. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and happy to help me with anything that I needed.
It’s quite daunting being in a new environment, going into a job that you only have basic knowledge about. However, everyone has been very good at explaining what they do, and I feel that I have learnt a lot by them. The first day was a really interesting experience for me and I couldn’t wait to come back the next day to see what else Espresso Web had in store for me.

My First Few Weeks at Espresso Web

My First Few Weeks

My first week involved a lot of learning about the basics of SEO and how Espresso Web use it to optimise their client’s website. I was fed a lot of information every day, but the team were always good at explaining everything and setting me practical work, so that I could further understand the process.
I was given my own listings to write for Bizify, which to my surprise had ranked quite well. Everyone on the team are really accommodating and supportive and they always give praise when things go well. It’s really nice to work with people who are so supportive and constantly encouraging each other to develop. The directors are also very supportive of all their staff, praising them when they are doing well, and they are always around to help, should you need it. They are also constantly coming up with new ways to make work more enjoyable for staff, as well as increasing the quality of service for their clients. My first time working full-time has already been so positive and I don’t think that I could find a work environment like this; where it is so fun to work in, yet everyone is dedicated to ensuring that their work is to the highest standard for their clients.
I have already learnt so much and would like to thank all my colleagues who’ve shown me the ropes and encouraged me to keep developing my skills. I feel at ease knowing that I am working alongside genuinely nice people and I never wake up dreading to go to work.
I’m looking forward to what’s to come and develop my skills as a Digital Marketer alongside this vastly-growing company. There is a sense of pride when the work that you do ranks highly and it is reassuring to know that clients who use Espresso Web for SEO are ranking high and getting more customers. I’m optimistic about my future with Espresso Web and excited to see how myself and the company progress.

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