If you are confused about the Google mobile-first indexing changes, Google have recently posted some clarifications

As Google begins rolling out mobile-first indexing to more and more sites, the search giant is noticing some confusion within the industry around mobile-first indexing and has recently decided to clarify some points on Twitter. We’ve compiled all of the tweets into one useful blog post for you, which you can find below.

URLS With Mobile-First-Indexing

If you deploy different URLs for Mobile vs. Desktop, Google will show the mobile searches for your mobile URL and the desktop searchers for your desktop URL. In both cases, the indexed content will be the mobile version of the site, even if Google shows the desktop URL. Sites that are designed with a single URL for mobile and desktop do not need to worry about this.

Changed To Crawling

Google said that the crawl count per day won’t really change, but the balance will shift from desktop pages crawled to mostly mobile pages crawled. Google may also temporarily increase crawling when it re-indexes your website.

Cache Bug

There is currently a bug with the Google cache that when a site is moved over to the mobile-indexing process, the Google cache link sometimes may not return anything and may 404 or show a blank page. This is a known bug that Google is working on fixing and has zero impact on indexing and ranking.

Speed Update Is Unrelated To Mobile-First Indexing

The speed update that is coming this July is completely unrelated to mobile-first indexing. Of course, you should make your site fast, especially for mobile users, but the speed update is not directly linked to mobile-first indexing.

Mobile User Interface Concessions

Mobile websites that utilise accordions, hamburger menus or similar methods to make content less overwhelming in the smartphone user interface are perfectly fine.

Mobile-Friendliness Is Not Required

Your website does NOT need to be mobile-friendly or responsive to be included in the mobile-first indexing process. In fact, the first sites to move to mobile-first indexing were desktop-only websites.

Does It Give A Ranking Boost?

No, switching to mobile-first indexing does not improve your rankings in the Google SERPs. While being mobile-friendly is a ranking factor on mobile, it is unrelated to being in the mobile-first index.

More Documentation

If you would like more details and documentation on mobile-first indexing and on mobile sites, check out the tweet below:

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