Matt Mullenweg has recently announced that WordPress 4.8 will drop support for all versions of Internet Explorer. With IE believed to be a thing of the past, we have looked further into the headline to help you understand the reasons why Internet Explorer has passed its sell-by date.

Most of us probably won’t even know what Internet Explorer is or perhaps never used it, but for those who used IE as their prefered browser, you will now need to convert to a different web browser. Espresso Web would recommend that you switch to Google Chrome in order to receive the best results and user experience when browsing the web.

Goodbye Internet Explorer

Discontinuing Internet Explorer

Not only will WordPress be ending their support for Internet Explorer, but Microsoft have also made an announcement about the end of IE. So we will now bid farewell to Internet Explorer on WordPress themed websites but also for good too. We believe it to be a positive turn in the road for us who create websites and for internet users as we will both benefit from a better user experience. In our opinion, the fact Internet Explorer is being discontinued is a good thing as it will help us to provide a better service, therefore users of our sites or people browsing the web will get a better result online.

The fact that around 95% of our clients currently use Google Chrome as their dedicated browser, means that we rarely discover any problems with their websites on IE. Only a small amount of our clients use, or used shall we say Internet Explorer, so we didn’t experience too many problems with the changes IE can have on the layout and design of a WordPress website.

With only a small amount of people still using Internet Explorer in 2017, Espresso Web believe that discontinuing Internet Explorer won’t be too big of a deal. However, for those who still had IE as your browser, we would advise that you switch to Google Chrome as your new web browser. Google Chrome has various benefits and is more adaptable to user’s needs when using the internet. Not only that, millions if not billions of internet users are now using Google Chrome, meaning your website (if you’re a business owner) will need to be responsive to this browser in order to present your business in the correct light to millions of users.

Advice on Moving from Internet Explorer

Our main piece of advice on moving from Internet Explorer is to convert to Google Chrome. It is the most up to date and resourceful browser for both business and personal use. We have found a supporting article from Google with advice and information on installing Google Chrome should you require it.

Google Chrome

For further support on your business’s website or creating a website that is responsive on not only devices but different browsers, Espresso Web will be happy to help. Please feel free to get in touch with our team for professional advice. We’re always happy to help businesses and come up with smart solutions for your business’s advertising. From responsive websites to PPC, content marketing to social media, Espresso Web are at the forefront for all of your online marketing needs.

As we bid farewell to Internet Explorer, we hope that our blog post has helped inform you on the changes to IE on WordPress and in general as it becomes discontinued. If you believe that your website is not currently performing correctly on different browsers or devices, call our team today to discover the next steps on getting a responsive website. We look forward to helping both you and your business.

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