With SEO and SEM both moving forward and improving more or less every day, it can become hard to keep on top of every new update or bit of news. But how do agencies and superior professionals do it? Research. If you haven’t got the time to browse the internet for hours on end, we have it all under one roof. Our blog is your hub. Come to us when you need to know more about marketing and call us if you ever need help in doing so. Let’s start off with keywords and content to find out what is required to market your brand efficiently.

Keyword and Content Focused

We assume your goal is to get found online, present your brand well and get calls or sales for your business? Perfect. We’re going to take a look at the first step for doing this, keywords and content focused marketing will help get you found for the products or services you offer in your location, or nationally if necessary.

Think of your SEO as a circle of life, you work to improve your content and rankings, which intern will put you higher on search engine result pages (SERPs), giving you the opportunity for more clicks, more enquiries and hopefully more sales or calls. Then once you’ve cracked it for your local area or certain products, you can broaden your horizons with more location pages or market each and every product better. This will in time give you more opportunities to be found online.

Improved Rankings Will Improve Engagement

It makes sense to say that the more you improve on rankings, the more engagement your site will receive. If you’re working on your website’s rankings and content, you will start to move up on SERPs. This would result in your website being higher on result pages, giving web users the chance to see you on the first page in appose to the third or fourth for example. So if you’re sitting on the first page of a results page for your service, you will gain more engagement from doing this as you’re appearing as one of the first results for a service someone is searching for, which is great!

To start of with, take a look at your current content and think “Would I read this or stay on the page?”. If the layout is untidy, there’s poor quality information or maybe even too much, it can put people off wanting to read on or find out more. Review your current content and try to follow these tactics to increase your engagement and readability:

  • Bullet points – great for important information
  • Sub headers – split off your content
  • Write shorter sentences
  • Shorten your paragraphs down
  • Images or videos

Ranking Improvements

Write More Content

Research and evidence (we did it so you don’t have to) shows that web pages that have little to no content struggle to show up on SERPs in appose to highly informative pages. Writing 2,000 a blog post or 1,000 a page may not be for you, but steady improvements with increase your engagement and more importantly your rankings. Do remember, if content writing isn’t for you, we have expert writers here to develop your content for you.

You could offer one of the best services in the UK, but without any content on your website to show this, how will people know? Your website needs the right information to tell users what it is you do and what you offer. This will not only inform anyone who visits your website, but help in terms of SEO and SERPs too.

Content Marketing

Topics Vs Keywords

Even though you have to focus on keywords to improve your content, topics are important too. You should try to utilise both the keywords and topic you are working with as this will help to get you found for both your keywords and the topic. For example, your keywords could be: web design, website design, website designers, good web designers with the overall topic of website design.

Before you jump into writing pages and pages of content, consider your audience. Who are they? Your target audience will affect the way you write your content and how you bring your business across. Consider what devices you expect them to use, how they are going to feel and how you should present your business. Try to be helpful too, give them tips, discount codes or advice at the tip of their fingers, this way they won’t feel the need to look elsewhere.

Researching your audience, topic and keywords will give you an idea of what to expect with your results. If you’re approaching a popular search phrase or large audience, it’ll be harder to rank on SERPs in appose to a bespoke service with a certain audience base. The topic and keyword is still important for any audience or results, but researching beforehand will give you a clear indication on how your competitors are doing and what to expect.

Content Marketing

To Conclude

The content on your website needs to be interesting and appealing in order for people to engage with it. If everything is bunked up into one paragraph with no sub headings or images, people will be put off to reading more. The more you separate topics or subjects, with images or bullet points, the more people will be willing to learn.

You know what they say, a picture tells a thousand words… Save time writing content and choose an informative image instead of overwriting. If you have no visual images to use, why not try a chart or infographic?

One of the most common reasons why people look to improve their website is bounce rate. A user could click onto your website, be disappointed with the design or information and immediately click back to the SERP to find something better. This then affects your results and engagement, because if your website is designed poorly, the content doesn’t even matter as people won’t want to read.

Tip! Test your bounce rate and save your rankings now, then after reading this blog, put it into practice and see how you do.

If you require further information on your keywords, content or general marketing be sure to get in touch with the Espresso Web team to find out how we can help.

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