Why Does Google’s Pegman Have a Party Hat and Balloons?

Have you noticed that Google’s pegman is ready to party? If you’re wondering why, we have found the answer…

We have recently noticed that Google Street View has had a party hat and balloons added to the mapping service and wanted to find out why. Are they doing themed weeks or is it the locations birthday? Not exactly, the reason for these party additions is quite simple, Google Street View are celebrating their 10th birthday!

Google Street View 10th Birthday

Simply drag the pegman across to a location, street or place and watch him celebrate his 10th birthday with his party hat and balloons!

Happy Birthday Google Street View

This update was added so that we could all celebrate Google Street View’s 10th birthday. So, happy 10th birthday Google Street View! Over the last decade, Google Street View has changed in many ways, and in our opinion only for the better. Espresso Web would like to say a huge well done and congratulations to them as it’s down to Google Street View that you can view almost any street or place in the world! It’s an amazing feature on Google and in our opinion, maybe one of their best products.

Try it for Yourself

If you haven’t already tried out this new update, we would encourage you to try it for yourself before it leaves Google Street View. If you do have a go, we’d ask you to take a screenshot of the pegman near your business address and post it on our Facebook page. It’s a little bit of fun and is a cool temporary feature to play around with on Google Street View.

Google Street View’s Birthday was a couple of days ago now, so if you want to have a look at the pegman in all his birthday glory, you best be quick. We don’t know when he’ll be leaving the party!

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