As Google focus on local search going forward, (and have for a while now), many retailers and online experts are predicting that the benefits of local search will drive more and more consumers to the actual shops this Christmas.

With the inclusion of ‘Local Inventory’ in both Google Assistant and paid advertising, many experts are suggesting that Google will be able to offer more filters, information and nearby options for buying items, within Google Shopping – just in time for the holidays!

This is all based on the many studies into the effects of mobile advertising versus desktop advertising, the results of each on sending the customer to the bricks-and-mortar shop. In fact, the latest of these studies tells us that mobile ads generate 160% more shop visits than desktop or tablet adverts.

Adding local inventory to your Google Merchant Center helps your results even more, thanks to Google Shopping showing where items are available within the area of the consumer.

Google have already added location extensions to display adverts but the latest update of local inventory display ad format will feature promotions, feed and images.

If you work in SEO or PPC, you’re about to get a few new features to explore, if you haven’t already!

Measuring Shop Visits:

Google will be introducing new reports to AdWords to help you measure shop visits, these are;

  • Time Lag Report – This shows the time between an ad click and a shop visit
  • Demographic Report – Users can add shop visits as a column to existing demographic reports
  • New versus Returning Customer Report – Combined with the time page report, you can gauge how your ads drive visits


Clothing in Google Shopping

On mobile, Google has now introduced more filters in Google Shopping when browsing clothes. Filters such as sizing, pricing, among others. The brands of the clothing now also feature at the bottom of each item of clothing.


In recent years the ‘unboxing’ video has been hugely popular in helping spur people on to buy products, whilst they are still relatively common, they are now making way for ‘shop with me’ videos. ‘Shop with me’ videos take viewers into shops and give tours. These videos have seen a watch time growth of 10x on mobile in the last two years so are gaining popularity.

Detecting what people are looking for in their area, giving people more options to cater their searches and introducing more virtual shopping tactics are just some of the ways in which Google are predicted to overhaul shopping online in the coming years!

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