This week, the world of SEO was on high alert again, as the latest update to Google’s Algorithm was rolled out.

The roll out has been called the ‘freshness’ or ‘fresher results’ update, and builds on the 2010 update titled, the Caffeine Update.

The Freshness update was announced earlier this week and is set to impact around 35% of total searches.

Why Has Google Released the New Update?

Google is continuously looking for ways to provide users with better quality content, which is exactly what this update is for. Users are demanding more up to date, fresher, content that answers their search queries, so, Google have listened.

With the number of search queries made each day increasing at an incredible pace, it stands to reason that the results they see should be the latest updates for that particular search query. Which is exactly why Google now (through this update) prioritise the newest, highest quality content, at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

This update particularly targets latest news, events, politics, celebrities, business news, and trends, to make sure the users see the most up-to-date information on all fronts.

Who has been impacted the most by the Freshness Update?

Between 6-10% of search queries have been impacted so far by the Freshness update, at a significant level, extending this to around 35% at a lesser extent. The update, so far, has had a mainly positive impact on many sites that continuously update their content. These sites have seen rankings improve significantly. Thanks to the update, many Content Marketers and SEO’ers are seeing their hard work pay off.

However, those that have seen negative impacts are seeing the need to refresh their online content, and invest in an SEO strategy.

How to recover from Google’s Freshness Update

If you have been impacted negatively by the recent Freshness update, there are a few things you could do:

  1. Revisit existing content and update it
  2. Socially share & amplify your content
  3. Reconsider content frequency – increase this where possible
  4. Use as many variants of content as possible. E.g. video, articles, blogs, etc.
  5. Add evergreen content to your content marketing – i.e. content that is less likely to go out of date quickly. 


The update is most likely going to positively impact those that are refreshing their website or have embarked on an SEO or content marketing campaign. However, if you haven’t updated your site in a while, and are seeing negative impacts, it may be time to hire someone to update your site, or hire an agency to create a content strategy for you.

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