You know that saying; “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”?
That’s what working at Espresso Web feels like!

Lyndsey Cormack

Where Did It All Start?

Feeling panic stricken after being made redundant from my previous job, I received a phone call from Andy at Espresso Web. He had come across my CV and explained how I would I would be suitable for a role within their SEO department and invited me in for an interview.
After the phone call with Andy I headed straight to the internet to research Espresso Web, when I say ‘researched’ I basically mean stalked… I already had an idea of the work Espresso Web did, it was very similar to the role of work I was based in before, after stalking researching Espresso Web I was ready and waiting for my interview which F.Y.I I bought new shoes for… First impressions count!

The Interview A.K.A D-Day

After not having an interview for around two year it was daunting, I was that nervous I couldn’t even open the door to the building #cringe! When I eventually made my way into the building I was geeeted by Kelly, who then introduced me to Ryan, the interview flew by with lots of laughs, information and questions; half an hour later I received an email offering a position in SEO starting within the next few days.
I honestly cried with happiness – I was so thankful for Ryan for taking a chance on me!

First Day Feels

Any first day is nerve racking for anyone starting a new job, but as soon as I walked through the Espresso Web doors (yes, I got through them this time) I immediately felt at ease! Looking back now my first day was a blur. All the teams where welcoming and made me feel like part of the Espresso family after the first 10 minutes, and there was a lot to learn – but I do love a challenge! I learnt all about how Espresso Web works from sales to development, and Bizify to SEO.

The First Week

I’ve been a part of the Espresso team for 3 weeks now, and it honestly feels like I’ve been here years! Over the past few weeks I have developed my knowledge on SEO and why SEO is so important to your business – if you don’t have an SEO strategy implemented in your business, you NEED to invest! Along with SEO, I learned all about Bizify where I was given my own listings to create, which ranked really well! I also spent time with the development team who showed me how a website was designed and then created.
As I previously mentioned I’ve been here 3 weeks and I’m about to take on my first bunch of clients – scary! I can’t thank my colleagues, especially Ryan enough for all the help and support they’ve given me in developing my skills. I don’t dread my alarm going off on a morning and I feel excited to come to work (I even miss everyone on a weekend). I’ve had so much praise and it gives me a warm feeling and sense of accomplishment being recognised for the work I’ve done, which makes me excited for my future with Espresso Web and how fast the company is growing!

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