When you’re happy with the SEO on your website, there are other avenues to take to move your business on further. From YouTube to blogs there are many ways to broaden your horizons with SEO. In this blog we are going to look at YouTube for SEO, blogs and local SEO and listings. Here, you will find out more about marketing and how you can use this to help increase your SEO tactiques.

Why do we keep mentioning SEO and SEM? The SEO and SEM are both very similar but in terms of marketing, SEM gives you the option for paid advertising, such as with PPC. SEO focuses on the organic results of SERPs whereas SEM allows you to extend further with paid advertising, allowing you to rank for your service in your area but with a cost. Check out our search engine marketing blog to find out more about the difference between the two.

YouTube SEO

Did you know? 55% of all keyword searches from Google return at least one video. Not only that, 82% of those videos come from YouTube. By following SEO practice with your YouTube channel, it can result in having twice the traffic with the same content, which is a win, win.

Start off your videos with SEO friendly content, this will help with the elements of your rankings. To ensure that your videos are SEO friendly, you should include a strong and information video title alongside a good description. To do this, you will need to:

  • Write informative content
  • Choose the right thumbnails
  • Share on your website and social media
  • Make longer, engaging videos
  • If you mention any brands, link them in the description
  • Stay active and respond to comments


By following the above points with your YouTube SEO, this will tell Google or SERPs, and readers exactly what your video is about. You may notice that a lot of your competitors aren’t doing this, so it will help you to rank faster too. This a perfect gap in the market for you to take with both hands which can lead to a number of opportunities for your business.

YouTube Helps To Promote Content

Local SEO

With our era more computer and mobile oriented than ever before, getting found online for the services you provide is all the more important. But how is it done? With local SEO and listings playing a crucial role to your rankings, working your content to suit SEO is the first step to success.

The first area you should work on is correcting your listings. Being listed on the likes of Bizify, Google and Bing is brilliant, but is the information correct and up to date? Make sure that all of your listings hold the right information about business. This will cause no room for errors should you have more than one premises or need to change information. Not only that, if everything is listed the same there will be no excuse for missing out on business if everything is correct.

Digital Marketing

Blogs and Guest Posts

One of the best ways to reach out to your target audience is with blogs and guest posts. Whether you’re writing your own blog with tips and tricks about your industry, or posting on bloggers pages with advice or hints about the subject, blogging is great for communicating with your audience. Not only that, most blogs come across as being less ‘salesy’ giving you an open door for marketing your brand in the correct way for potential clients. So, whether you’re new to blogging or have been posting for many years, Espresso Web have 5 blogging tips to improve your blog with the aim to generate results.

The idea of using blogs and guest posts surfaced a few years ago but at first struggled to prove itself. But now, a few years on it’s one of the most popular ways of marketing and blogging alone has even became a full time job! But what’s so important about blogging for business?

Using blogs in your business is a great way to showcase your company’s niche and share relevant information about your brand or industry. Inside your blog you can fill it with interesting information about your industry whilst building blogs to suit around each topic. For example, in a blog based on blogging tips, you could include:

  • Quotes and statistics
  • Information and advice
  • Images and infographics
  • Links to blog service to build strength
  • FAQs – answering common questions makes you more trustworthy


If start to write your blog posts that contain some of the above, you’re more likely to create posts that inform rather than sell. This doesn’t mean your blog won’t generate sales, but come across in a way where readers will be happy to purchase from you. Rather than target all of your marketing to push a sale, choosing to inform first can often work much better when the user is able to see you know your stuff and can be trusted. Easy!

5 Tips for Successful Blogging

To Summarise

In summary of taking the extra steps for SEM, the 5 most important areas to remember is:

  1. Remember your target audience
  2. Videos? People love them!
  3. Make sure all of your business’s information is correct online
  4. Blogging works!
  5. Don’t come across to ‘salesy’


So, whether you’re marketing a web design company in Newcastle or printing company that offers a nationwide service, this post should help your marketing strategy. Moving forward, you will be able to understand your clients needs and be able to market your brand in a way that allows you to portray your business in the right manner. From informative blog posts to inspiring videos, your company’s marketing is at the heart of your business and our main priority. If you have any further questions regarding our marketing or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

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