This year we took part in the Middlesbrough leg of the CEO Sleepout that hosts events around the country to raise vital funding for those facing poverty and homelessness.

We wanted to take part to help those in our local area. We are based in Middlesbrough and have the area to thank for a lot of our success so far. Many members of our team are from the area to, so the cause is certainly close to our hearts.

The charity hosted the Middlesbrough fundraising night on November 2nd in Preston Park Museum and included many other successful, local businesses, from in and around the area.

Our two Directors, Stephen Robinson and Stephen Robinson took on the challenge and stayed the night on the streets, meeting other charity minded business leaders and owners, and hearing about the fantastic work and future plans of the guys and girls behind the CEO Sleepout charity.

Armed with a sleeping bag and quite a few layers of clothing, the boys were set, and were pretty lucky with the weather they had in store for them. At a mild 4degrees, the guys slept rough to get a proper feel for the harsh realities of those less fortunate than ourselves.

As a company we raised over £600 for the cause in the run up and duration of the event, thanks to the generous donations of our team members and local businesses, such as Mabo Media who made a huge contribution on the night – thanks again guys!

The night itself was a huge eye opener for the Directors who, when settled in for the night, were soon struck by just how lucky they were to have homes and families waiting for them the next morning.

Our Director Stephen said;

“Well last night was interesting and very thought provoking, not to mention cold. Spending one night sleeping on the Victorian streets of Preston Park raising money for charity, is not exactly what I had planned for November, but it was a great experience.

We take for granted being able to rest our head on a pillow, taking comfort in a nice bed and keeping cosy all night!

Setting up camp with a sleeping bag, ground sheets and plenty of layers seemed straight forward enough. Settling down for bed as the temperature dropped really got me thinking it was going to be a long night. A cold hard floor carries through to you no matter how many layers you have. A zero wind still finds its way into your sleeping bag regardless of what you do. The lights and noises of the world begin entertaining and end up driving you insane. You find yourself clock watching for morning, so you can at least sit up and move from this place you call bed.”

Speaking about how lucky we all are, Stephen went on to say;

“After the experience, I have spent some time thinking about those people who do what I did, every night of the year. We were very fortunate not to have to face wind, rain or even snow. The people we were raising money and awareness for, are not that lucky. As winter creeps in they will face soul crushing weather daily, yet have no lovely home to escape to.

The work done by #ceosleepout is special. The funds raised before the night were increased considerably during the night and in the days following, thanks to the generosity of the area.”

Sharing his thoughts on the night, Stephen added;

“The night was fun to start with, meeting other business leaders was great, but as the night went on it really hit home the reality that we are so lucky in our daily lives and that those who face these issues really do need our help, especially over Winter and Christmas.

The charity is doing great work and we will continue to support them wherever we can!”

 The event has managed to raise a huge amount of £25,000 for the Middlesbrough and Stockton area, so thanks again to everyone who donated to all of the businesses that took part! If you would like to help, you still can, via our espressoweb Just Giving page.

We are very proud that we were able to make a difference and do our bit to lend a helping hand. If you want to find out how you can join us in making a difference, keep an eye on our latest news page and the espressoweb Facebook page.

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