World Baking Day

If you seen anything on our social media yesterday, you will know that we have recently held Espresso Web’s Bake Off. In support of World Baking Day, we decided to take on the excuse to have a bake off and create a baking competition. With seven contenders, we had a fantastic time trying each cake and getting them judged accordingly! We had three judges to test eat cake and score the bake on appearance, taste and texture. As you can see, the team at Espresso Web take things seriously when it comes cakes and baking so we really enjoyed this!

After choosing our three judges and secretly numbering each cake to be judged, we all waited in anticipation as Ryan, David and Kelly tried each cake. Scoring anonymously, we didn’t know the results until almost an hour after judging had finished. If you haven’t already ate before reading this post, you’re definitely going to have a taste for cake when you see the amazing effort some of our team went to. Ready? Let’s take a look…

Bake Off

Our Contenders

With all of the chat across the office being subject to our bake off, everyone was looking forward to seeing the cakes and having a taste of each. We’ve never held a bake off before but we would definitely like to have this many cakes in the office every week! It was great! Come and take a look at each cake up close and personal and enjoy the details of what is involved with each bake.

Bakers to Bakes

The name of  bakers to bakes are:

Maltesers Cake – Connor Richards

Terry’s Chocolate Cheesecake – Sophie Morgan

Kinder Bueno Cup Cakes – Kirsty Nevison

Chocolate Brownie – Sophia Gowland

Raspberry and Lemon Cake – Steve Smith

Chocolate Fudge Cake – Lucy Stirman

Chocolate Mousse Cake – Ryan Smith

And The Winner Is

It was agreed by everyone that there had been some incredible work and effort put into each of the bakes. But there could only be one winner. The final scores were added and confirmed and we’re pleased to announce that the winners in 1st, 2nd and 3rd are…

Thank you to all of our bakers for taking part in our bake off, we can’t wait for the next excuse to have this much cake in the office again!

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