The Festive Feeling

This year we asked the team a few questions relating to Christmas to help gain a better understanding of what makes everyone tick this time of year.

Christmas Garland

What’s it like working for Espresso Web at Christmas?

Mickey – “The atmposhphere is great everyone is getting in the Christmas sprit and it’s fun coming to work.”

Dave – “Festive! Everyone is jolly and December is spent in high spirits – it’s nice!”

Sophie – “Very festive, excitable and also a lot of hard work from everyone to get everything finished before Christmas. I like the fact we do secret Santa as it’s always fun to do and funny seeing what people get off each other!”

Andy – “Fun but very busy, Christmas is always crazy at Espresso Web, with it being a short month (which we all love) we all act like Santa’s Elves and are constantly on the go ensuring all dead lines are met! As from December 1st every day is full of Christmas music, Santa hats and tinsel!”

Ste.R – “Christmas is a difficult time of year for a lot of our early team as we lost a dear friend a few years ago around this time. We take stock on his anniversary and grab a few beers in the local pub to remember him. It’s a humbling time but it helps us to see our unity as we come together to remember. There is a growing sense of festivity in the office and excitement about the Christmas party blow out.”

How does working at Espresso Web this Christmas compare to Christmas at previous workplaces?

Kirsty – “The atmosphere around the office is buzzing, everyone is excited and ready to get as much done as possible before the Christmas break.”

Ryan.S – “I actually get some time off, the previous jobs I’ve worked in have always involved working at Christmas, so it will be nice to have some time off to spend with friends and family.”

Connor – “The atmosphere is always great, there’s never a dull moment.”

Dave – “We break up for Christmas which is great! I used to work a lot over the Christmas period, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, I’ll get to enjoy them all at home this year! Working throughout December is always fun. Everyone seems to put the graft in as we work towards a well earned break!”

What’s your favourite Christmas song and why?

Ryan.H – “Fairy Tale of New York, Only one I know.”

Ste.S – “Driving Home for Christmas – was working away the first Christmas in our new house and this came on the moment I left to come home.”

Mickey – “Wham Last Christmas, the song is from my generation and have found memories of that time in my life.”

Dave – “Fairytale of New York – The Pogues. I just love it!”

Sophie – “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town.”

Andy – “Band Aid – Do they know it’s Christmas, because it shows whether you’re a famous singer or just a normal person, Christmas is a time to appreciate what we have as others may not be as luck as we are!”

Lee.H – “I’d have to say that Fairytale of new York by The Pogues would be my favourite Christmas song. It is a very iconic and catchy tune that seems to unite people, even if only briefly for the few minutes it is playing. That I believe is what Christmas is truly about.”

What does Christmas mean to you?

Ste.R – “A time of fun, happiness and family. I have two little boys and another bundle of joy on the way so getting time with my family is all that matters.”

Ryan.H – “Lager, Family, Football, Oh and Boxing!”

Lee.H – “Christmas to me means family. It means family in not just the sense of seeing your relatives, but of reconnecting with loved ones in general, be it relatives or friends. It is also a time of quiet remembrance of those no longer with us who we hold close to our hearts.”

Have you got any plans for over Christmas?

Kirsty – “I’m heading all around the north east visiting family and heading home on Christmas day for my Mums famous Christmas lunch!”

Hayley – “I’m doing dinner for 6 this year and doing more family visits over Christmas and boxing day.”

Sophie – “Going to a Pantomime with my Grandma and cousin, I’ve finished my shopping so just wrapping and then spending Christmas with all the family!”

Ste.R – “We are very lucky to be taking our children to Lapland just before Christmas, getting a trip on the polar express and our family tradition of Christmas Eve panto. It’s a hectic time but we are really excited.”

Ryan.S – “I’ve planning on having a quiet one, after a hard year it’ll be nice to relax and put my feet up.”

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Andy – “Waking up to Jamie’s excitement that Santa has been. Catching up with family and friends and having a cheeky drink or 3.”

Hayley – “The rubbish jokes around the table has to be my favourite, there’s always a cracker, haha.”

Ste.R – “Watching the children open their presents and knowing “Santa” did a good job. Once they are asleep snuggling on the sofa with a hot chocolate (or a Baileys if I’ve been good) and watching festive TV.”

Kirsty – “Family, decorations and the jolly-ness about the whole thing.”

Connor – “The Christmas Dinner and the presents.”

Ste.S – “Time off, and the Boxing Day match.”

Dave – “Christmas dinner. I love pigs in blankets and sprouts.”

Ryan.H – “Seeing the nephews open their presents.”

Sophie – “Seeing everyone happy and in festive spirits, I like the run up to Christmas when you’re shopping for everyone then getting to see them open their presents. We also have a little Christmas Eve picnic at home so I can eat everything I’ve tried not to eat for months!”

Espresso Christmas Card


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