Year after year, digital marketing trends continue to grow or change and 2017 will be no different. We’d all love a crystal ball to tell us which digital marketing strategies are the best to invest money in, well sadly we don’t have a crystal ball, however we have complied together a few key marketing strategies, that we think will be big digital marketing trends throughout 2017.

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Marketing In 2017

Live Streaming Video

In the last year we’ve all seen video marketing skyrocket, especially on social media. Each social network now offers their own take on video platforms, but live streaming is still relatively new. With Facebook being one of the first to embrace live streaming videos, now YouTube and many more are starting to jump on the band wagon, by introducing their own live streaming capabilities.

Live video streams can be used for marketing in various ways; whether it be to build awareness, drive conversations or boost engagement. By adding live video to your current social strategy, you can build hype and create a real opportunity for your new content or products to reach the masses.

Cross Device Retargeting

Customers can seem much harder to reach these days, especially with them switching back and forth between multiple devices. Many people regularly use a range of devices such as laptops, mobiles or tablets, when they’re shopping or using social media.

As people swap back and forth between devices, it’s important to engage them with personalised and meaningful advertising to keep them interested. By grabbing a customer’s attention from the offset, you’ll be able to continue targeting them across multiple devices using display advertising. Allowing you to keep your brand and products at the forefront of customers’ minds, as they hop between devices and platforms.

Personalised Content

The web is saturated with content, from information on websites to blogs, it can seem difficult to break through the noise; especially if you’re offering the same service or product as someone else. Producing content that has a wide appeal is one way to try and compete, but by creating targeted and personalised content, you’ll be able to grasp the attention of customers who are more likely to be interested in what your business is offering.

With one or more big brands dominating first page search engine results for many popular search terms, it’s time to shift focus towards narrower niches, personalised content, and more targeted channels. Through the better understanding that you have of your target market, you’ll be able to create content that customers are interested in reading; helping to create brand loyalty.

Optimise for Mobile First

In 2016 smartphones overtook laptops as the UK’s number one device for accessing the internet. The average person spends around 2 hours a day online, on their smartphone. For quite some time there has been a focus on mobile first, but 2017 is the year to really embrace it. Having a mobile friendly website is just the beginning.

With it being a split market share of how people browse, it’s important to have your website ready for both desktop and mobile. From smartphones to smartwatches, it’s important to produce content and adverts that fit the format and device they’re being targeted towards.

Social Analytics

Social media has been a big player in the digital marketing game for a number of years, however many businesses still aren’t using social analytics to find out the type of posts that work best for their business.

The mass market approach is out, and personalised marketing strategies are in. By using social analytics, businesses will be able to gain valuable insights into the types of posts, content, or links, that drive the best reach and engagement for their business on social media. Using social analytics will help you create an invaluable social media strategy, to help your business grow and succeed on social platforms.

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