At Espresso Web, you’ll often find our Dev team hiding behind their monitors or hunched over their laptops, busy cracking codes, they live and breath HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We do love our Developers, without them, we wouldn’t be Espresso Web, so we thought it was about time we spent some time with them, to find out what they really get up to.

So we sat down with Scouse (Ste whose a Scouser), Stacy, Dan and Matty Mac….

Each day is different and no task is ever the same, apart from the first job as soon as we walk into the office, making a coffee! Well we are Espresso Web…

Coffee in hand, the morning will begin with checking emails. Anything could have happened since logging off at home time the day before, hopefully it hasn’t, but it’s important to always be prepared. Hopefully there’s no website related emergencies and all clients are happy.

Next, we’ll start taking a look at support tickets, support tickets tend to come in from the other teams (SEO, Customer Service or the Sales team), they’re on behalf of our clients and will cover development based issues, changes or requirements. We’ll carryout each action before letting the team know they’re complete which they can relay back to the customer.

As well as web design and development, we’ll often get tasks regarding customer’s emails, whether it’s a new client that needs them setting up, which we can do remotely, they need migrating or there’s another issue. We understand the frustrations when they’re not working, as after all it’s someone’s business, someone’s lively hood, so we aim to fix any email issues for our clients as soon as possible.

Today in particular, we have a meeting, with a special client, Middlesbrough Ladies F.C. , we’ve been involved in creating their brand new website. It’s a project which we find especially exciting, being avid MFC fans. The website is still in development, so they’ve come along to check out the progress and suggest any further amends or changes before we put it live. They seem to be pretty happy with the first preview and have a couple of minor amends for us to make before the grand unveiling.

Next is the build of a website for a new client, a Law firm based in London, they require a total rebrand so we’re redesigning their site, making it more user friendly and up to date to overall improve their users’ experience.

Another project which we’ll spend the rest of the afternoon working on is for one of our bigger clients, a GP in London, where we’re building 16 holding pages which will include lots of information regarding the Doctors surgery and GP Services. We’re hoping to have this completed as quickly as possible for the client so we’re happy to spend the rest of the afternoon getting on with it!

Well there you have a it! A day in the life of a Front End Developer at Espresso Web! Big thanks to all the guys in the Development team, working harder and harder, day in day out, ensuring that all of our clients are happy!

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