It’s that time of year again when everyone gasps in shock at how close we are to 2018 and can’t quite figure how 2017 has gone so quickly! So with that in mind, it’s a good idea to start prepping your content marketing strategy for 2018, to suit your marketing aims and objectives, industry trends and ranking factors – no pressure then!

There are a few changes or shifts expected for 2018 that are likely to impact the effectiveness of your content marketing plan.

Video content marketing strategy

Overlooking the Christmas holidays theme in this article, content is still proving strong in the coming year.

Over recent years, content was king, images then took the limelight, but now it’s over to video marketing! Combining the best of both worlds, video takes multimedia and engagement levels of standard content to the highest level!

Many studies have been conducted this year into the effectiveness of each, and found that the rise of videos across sites have skyrocketed, and for good reason. They catch the attention of your audience, in a visual, easy to digest way, they include much more information than standard text can – using less space, and are hugely flexible in terms of design and layout.

Cross channel marketing works a lot easier with videos too, allowing marketers to share their video content across all platforms and keep engagement levels high throughout.

A brilliant example of how video can take cross-channel marketing even further is the ‘Breaking Out’ ad from Samsung. The ad firstly took on market leaders, Apple, and secondly showcased their new product…

This video started life as taking over social media, it was then used as part of a cross channel rampage of the mobile phone market and became their latest TV advert. The ad generated alot of attention through the creative design and showcasing the product, whilst not being ‘too pushy’.

Producing videos can be costly but its essential to add into your marketing mix in some shape or form! Whether that be buying/hiring the equipment for your company or hiring a video production company to do the work for you.

Video marketing can also help your backlinking profile substantially, if you have the right video of course! Giving your audience the option to embed your videos on their blogs/sites, sharing ability across all platforms and so on, all work to drive your traffic, and add topically relevant backlinks to your site – win, win!

So, what type of video marketing do you need to succeed in 2018?

First things first, live video is the sure fire way to engagement and instant reach!

Live video is certainly preferred by Facebooks’ latest algorithm update and is quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ for businesses, since in the same batch of updates, the organic reach of business posts has been restricted by the social media giant.

Facebook live can work for a range of purposes when it comes to businesses. If you’re attending events, exhibitions, conferences; you can upload the live stream instantly and start engaging with people in your industry straight away. Going beyond that, you can showcase your company culture with live videos of internal events like work anniversaries, celebrations and more.

However, we have seen an increase in the number of live streams for training purposes and live ‘vlogging’. Think Moz’s Whiteboard Friday, but live! It may take some rehearsing to get right, but it’s certainly worth the outcome.

Although Facebook themselves say that the organic reach of business posts will not be restricted going forward, its best to jump ahead and find new ways to get your content out there.

A great example of video marketing through Facebook recently was the announcement of Comedian, Peter Kay’s new UK tour. The video was relaxed, funny and used the personality that Peter is famous for to get the message across…

How to announce a new tour in true Peter Kay fashion ????????Like ???????? Peter Kay Fans for more brilliant content!

Posted by Peter Kay Fans on Thursday, 16 November 2017


Second in line to live videos, is any videos at all!

Produced videos work just as well at the minute. It seems that the importance of engaging multimedia is taking over, so let’s not get boxed into one type or the other.

Creating produced videos for training, top tips, education, showcasing new products or services, introducing new people and so much more; work a treat for your engagement levels, and ranking abilities.


SEO and Video Marketing

SEO has taken a back seat in recent years in terms of being one of the more popular marketing tools to build brands and awareness. But this is about to change.

It’s getting increasingly difficult for brands to stand out from the crowd as marketing channels become saturated. This is where SEO steps in.

Working towards your long-term goals of rankings, increased traffic, increased brand awareness and extending audience reach, SEO works in such a way that these metrics are worked on continuously, rather than only seeing benefits in these areas, after specific campaigns or ads.

A major part of SEO for the coming year is multimedia, and yep, you guessed it, video marketing!

Videos have the power to improve the topical authority of a page and in turn, the site. In simple terms, including videos in your onsite content tells Google that you are working to provide as much information, in as many formats, as possible; which of course is what Google wants every site to do. On top of this, videos work from a back-linking angle too. Uploading your videos to YouTube and embedding them into your site, gives you a strong link with an incredible trust flow score, back to your site, boosting your rankings too!

Marketing Forecast for 2018

We’re seeing a lot of change in the digital marketing world, but we recommend keeping content consistent throughout the year. Creating a plan of topics, messages and platforms of distribution, will help you create themes, that will help with consistency.

We also recommend utilising as many platforms as possible based on how you can reach your target audience. Cross channel marketing is vital to increase your chances of being seen by your potential end user. Try not to over populate every channel, simply because your audience are most likely not interacting with you on every channel. Take a look at your analytics to see which platforms are strongest for you and focus on them. They’re most likely to drive you the best return on investment.

Competitor research throughout the year will help you keep on top of your content marketing strategy, and keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in your industry.

How can you take advantage of these tips?

Firstly, start with your brand – what’s your message? Then move onto a competitor analysis – what is everyone else saying? Then it’s time to figure out what channels you can use based on your analytics – where are my audience? Then it’s time to evaluate where you are now – this will help you determine how you can get to where you want to be. This step will also help you determine which strategies would work best for you, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Paid advertising, television adverts, radio adverts etc. Just be sure to incorporate video into these where possible!

If you want help with your marketing strategy or would like to discuss working together on your strategies, simply give us a call on; 01642 931 380, or email us at; We’re happy to discuss potential options for you, and to help take you into 2018 and beyond, prepared for your audience and industry!

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