Building backlinks has gained quite a negative reputation and almost bordered on ‘taboo’ in the SEO world, but, backlinking is still crucial for ranking purposes, so what do you do?! A study by Moz found that a website’s backlink profile is still the most reliable indicator of how well that site is likely to rank for their chosen search terms. Another study by Moz also shows that it is nearly impossible to rank for your chosen search terms even if you have great, keyword related content.

This disputes that ‘content is king’ and suggests that achieving a fine balance between is the best way forward, rather than choosing one method or the other to improve your ranking potential.

So, what has changed in link building?

Despite it’s history that has been taken over by ‘black-hat’ methods, link building is just as necessary for your site as any other element of SEO. The major change in building these essential backlinks is the way in which you build them.

Firstly, you should differentiate between the low quality and high-quality links that are available. A good way to measure this is to use Moz’s Domain Authority metric, where the higher the domain, the higher the quality of the site (however, be careful as the sites with a domain authority of 40+ is very competitive to gain). Another method is to put each link through, using their metrics of trust flow and citation flow are also a good indicator of the quality of the link. If the two are high and fairly in-line with each other, then they are most likely a quality link.

The way to build these links is through naturally great content that is interesting and shareable, outreach and influencer marketing. Getting in touch with industry leaders and asking them to share your content is a good way to network, outreach and build your reputation in your industry. These methods are totally different to paid links and unnatural link farming of yester-year, these are safe and extremely effective in improving the performance of your site.

How to start your link building campaign.

Quality resources like Moz, or Search Engine Land, conduct many studies into how best to link build, and often find similar methods and techniques that work. Firstly, start with the people you know. Link building is very similar to networking, so get chatting! Speak with suppliers, stakeholders, customers and anyone else who you have a good, natural relationship with and ask them if they would link to you. Simple!

Secondly, look outside of the working environment and look at your location. Do you have any relationships with other people in your location? Are there any events that you could contribute too, could you host a charity night for your local charity? Getting involved in your community means that you are more likely to be in the press. Many news articles appear on local newspapers, meaning they may mention your company and link to your website. Again, if they don’t link to you, but do mention you, get in touch with them and ask if they can add a link too. You may even gain some more customers using this method of outreach.

Thirdly, create something of interest. If it’s a new product, technological innovation, piece of content, or something else. Promote it! Use social media, emails, word of mouth and other genuine methods of marketing to spread the word.

All of these methods do take time, but the links that you achieve will make it worth the work. Link building is a must when building your online presence and is often best used as part of a dedicated SEO strategy that compliments your company and spends time creating these links. Here at Espresso Web, we can help. Give us a call or email to find out how we can take your website to the next level.

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