If your advertising strategy is due a review or maybe you’re just looking for a few ideas on how to beat your competitors at SEM, Espresso Web are here to help. We have experience in both SEO and SEM, so regardless of how you use each opportunity to advertise, we’re here to make sure that you’re happy with the direction in which your marketing is going. But where do you start?

First of all, you will need to come up with the keywords, products or even services that are important to your business as this will be the starting point for you to take your branding further. Waste no time in researching your competitors and finding out what they’re doing, a lot of the time you will find that your competitors may be your goal in where you’d like to be in the future. If they’re getting found online for their key services, then this is where we imagine you’d hope to be too. So take a look at the kind of advertising they promote, the social media posts they write and how they portray their business. You shouldn’t follow their marketing word for word, but use it as a guideline or as an idea on how you should promote your business, this is unless you already know what you want to do with your advertising.


5 Ways to Beat Your Competitors with SEM

When it comes to marketing, it’s basically like a race against your competitors to come first. You’re all competing to get the first search result on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages, e.g. Google) and it all comes down to the quality of your work and how your target your website with the relevant keywords and phrases. If you’re looking for advice on how to market your website with applicable information for ranking and SERPs, these 5 ways to beat your competitors with SEM will show how it can be achieved…

  1. Social Media that stands out
  2. Recognisable branding – starting with your website
  3. Powerful content with appropriate links
  4. Extending your horizons with advertising on Google, Bing, Apple Maps etc.
  5. Paid advertising, be it with PPC or on social platforms – this puts you in front of the right people for your brand


What Next?

Now that you know a few of the steps you need to take in order to market your brand better, and produce successful SEM, what’s next for your business? Choosing Espresso Web, as we are digital marketing experts who are here to help with the aspiration to get your business found for they keywords and services you offer. Call our office on 01642 931 380 to speak to our team and find out how we can help get your business found online.

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