Our back end web developer James, has worked with us for around four years now which is pretty incredible to say. To show our appreciation for his hard work over the years, we have dedicated a blog to James. Below, you will get to learn more about James and find out what it’s like during a day in the life of a back end web developer.

A Day in the Life of a Back End Web Developer

Sitting Down to Chat with James

To help get to know James a little more, we have asked him a few questions into his work and how he became a back end web developer. From cheeky treats to his daily workload, we’ve not missed out anything when it comes to finding out what it truly takes to become a web developer!

What made you become a web developer?

It all started off back when I was in school as a little hobby. I used to open up notepad (back in the day) and just start writing HTML code. This was back in the day when Tables were an acceptable way of building websites. This was done with with roll-over images and background images to make the site look great. I then taught myself PHP and MYSQL to build dynamic websites, and things moved on from there. With the release of such CMS’s as WordPress and Magento, I instantly downloaded them and started breaking them to see how they all worked.

What do you do each day?

Daily tasks can take on any number of things, from running reports for internal procedures. It can also consist of support tickets where certain elements are broken, to building bespoke functionality and plugins for different websites. A lot of my time is spent building plugins or functionality from scratch for certain websites. I also have to maintain and tweak server settings, and look after clients sites such as Promain and Evergreen Direct.

What programmes do you use?

My main point of call program wise on my laptop is Sublime Text 2. This allows me to code in PHP easily when developing certain elements for sites.

What Mac do you use?

I use a 2013 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro. This is still as fast now as the day I bought it.

What do you enjoy most?

I do enjoy a good puzzle. Sometimes it can be a big task to fault find certain issues that a website is experiencing. I get a sense of pride when I manage to resolve an issue that has taken me a little while to figure out. Also, I like to see the completed websites working well, and attracting customers.

What helps you get through each day or a challenging project?

It definitely has to be cups of coffee that gets be through the day. My brain doesn’t seem to function correctly without coffee first thing in the morning!

Thank you for a great chat James, we really enjoyed getting to know you more. Thanks again for all of your hard work, long hours and effort you’ve put into our business and projects over the years. We really appreciate it!

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