Joining Espresso Web

I have just joined the sales team for Espresso Web as a Customer Account Manager. After my first week of work, I thought I would let you all know about how my first week has been so far.
I found Espresso Web by a referral from a recruitment agency. My initial thought, when I first researched this company, was how brilliant their work ethos was and so I applied for a job and quickly got asked in for an interview. I was interviewed by the two directors of the company, who were both very down to earth and genuine people. I was impressed with their knowledge within the online marketing industry and with what was expected of the people that work there.
Soon after my interview, I was happy to hear that I had been offered the job and started in the space of a couple of days. After 4 years, I was actually excited to go to work, which was really nice.

First Day Feeling

My first day at Espresso Web came as a shock – in a way. There was a lot for me to learn and get to grips with, but I felt like it was an exciting challenge. It was nice to meet everyone on my team and I was surprised to see how friendly and helpful they were; not just with me as a new team member, but with each other too. I have previously worked in similar environments where people haven’t been so welcoming and helpful, so it was a pleasant change.
Throughout the week, I learnt about Espresso Web’s own business directory, Bizify and how to deliver this product to potential customers. I learnt how powerful this directory can be for a business who wants their products/services to be found, locally and nationally. It has been interesting to see how influential Espresso Web is when it comes to getting companies found on Google and in turn getting more customers for their business. Having worked in the same role at another company, I had to re-sculpt the way I work to suit the needs of Espresso web.
This was daunting at first, but the training I received from my colleagues was to the standard of excellency and so I have picked it up very quickly; despite being a slow learner. I felt comfortable and part of the team instantly and knew that if I needed help, I can go to anyone in the Sales team and they won’t hesitate to answer any question that I might have.

Final Thoughts

This is without a doubt the best place I have ever worked. I have never worked anywhere where it is so fun and laid-back in the office, yet extremely focused on delivering the best for it’s clients and going beyond expectations to achieve this. Espresso Web are very well structured and are dedicated to making sure that customers are always getting the best service possible. The directors at Espresso Web are always looking for how to make good better, both for the clients and the staff. With previous work as a customer account manager, I haven’t had the control that I do with this company and so it has been more enjoyable and easier for me.
So far, my journey with Espresso Web has been a really positive one and I’m looking forward to getting clients on board for the services we offer. I look forward to seeing what more is to come from the company and my own future with Espresso Web!

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