How to Create an Engaging Blog Post

So you’ve entered the blogging world but everything seems a little vague at the moment? That’s where the team at Espresso Web can help. First things first, welcome! we’re here to help and advise you on how to create an engaging blog post. We have a united skillset when it comes to digital marketing, so whether you need a hand with web design, SEO, social media, or content writing it’s always helpful to know you have a team like ours close by to advise you. We will try and keep things plain and simple so no matter how much you know about blogging, this post will help improve your skills and knowledge.

Blog Writing For Business

With a lot of businesses now including a blog in their website, we have a 5 tips to successful blogging. The world of blogs is now popular than ever before, and with both personal and business blogs out there, we want to make sure that your blog is portraying the right message for your business and that it works effectively. So we have came up with some tips on blog writing for business, all that you will need to do is keep thinking about the goals and aims of your blog. What do you want to achieve from writing blog posts? Is it to make people more aware, inform or to simply get found for different searches and questions? Either way, we think our 5 tips will help get you started!

Successful Blogging Tips

1. Understand Your Audience

The first step to creating a blog or blog post that works for your industry and readers is to understand your audience. It wouldn’t work for a company who works in fashion to portray a comprehensive professional approach, they need to focus on the latest trends and come across in the same way in which a magazine would inform their readers. Before you start blogging, think about your audience and what they would like to read about, pretend you were them… what questions or information would you want to read about online?

2. Interesting Content

In order to keep the reader of your blog engaged and interested, keep your content exciting. Without interesting content, your blog could easily get disregarding and closed off from the readers interest. I bet you have a favourite blogger, or someone on social media that you’re always checking to see what they’re up to, this is how you want your blog to be. With interesting content your blog could get passed from person to person and with recommendations it could travel to PC’s and mobiles all over the UK, or even the world!

3. Good Graphics

Your blog post could contain the best knowledgeable information on the web, but with poor quality images, the reader could switch off and become uninterested. People learn and read in different ways. Some may find it more practical to read over your entire blog post, others may scan over the headers and take off key points, and others may just take information from the images you choose to use. This is why you need to have a blog post that ticks the boxes for all people, knowledgeable information, easy to read layout and good graphics so everyone can learn from what you have to say and know.

4. Easy to Read Layout

Just like having good graphics, the content in your blog post could be absolutely amazing but if it’s not in an easy to read layout, you could quickly deter your reader. They want to be able to read with ease and have headings and images that indicate new subjects or new titles in the content, rather than it all be pushed and categorised together. When structuring your blog posts, aim to have headers, paragraphs and images to split up your content. It may sound like a simple and obvious thing to do, but it makes your post much more easy to read and it can encourage the reader to continue reading all of your blog post.

5. Social Links

So your blog is the bee’s knees and you want everyone to know about it? Then you’ll need to include some social links to get your post shared and spread around online. If you include social links or buttons that allow you to share onto social, you’ll be saving someone a massive job rather than then copy and pasting your website link and then doing, because a lot of people wouldn’t. You’re much more likely to receive shares from your blog if you have the social links and buttons there, ready and easy to see.

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