Heyl Interiors is a furniture company that specialises in reclaimed and restored industrial style furniture for homes and commercial buildings alike.

They are a family-run business that craft unique handmade, British furniture from reclaimed wood and steel. They spend time and energy collecting specific pieces of wood and steel to make sure they only use the best quality pieces from around the UK.

What was the problem?

Heyl Interiors is a very popular and well known furniture industry for their style and flare, however to take their business to the next level required their site to be optimised with our Search Engine Optimisation team.

Heyl Interiors originally owned a site built on Shopify, which for what they needed was fine and fulfilled their purposes and aims quite well, however the site needed to be upgraded to a more flexible platform in terms of management and ability to optimise to help them grow their business.

Their old website allowed them to add products and allowed for ease of management for the client.

After discussing the options with regards to SEO and optimisation, as well as advising on expanding their site to include more content and information for the end user, we concluded that a new website on a new platform was the best way forward.

At first the client was hesitant to change so much, however when we went through all options and the pros and cons of each, we agreed. The new site would be sent straight to the Development team to redesign, rebuild and show just what we could do.

We set a deadline, and set away..

With the products being so on-trend and design focused, we knew that we had to create a design that firstly mimicked their old site to suit their branding, but took it as far as we could to create a site that reflected the products they sell, the style they specialise in, and stood the test of time in terms of fashions in their industry and ours.

Heyl Interiors Case Study

Disciplines used

  • UX Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation including content and metadata optimisation
  • On-page technical improvements
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Ecommerce Specific Functionalities
  • Structured Data
  • Google Analytics

The Solution

Once the design had been signed off it was time to start the build. As this was an ecommerce site it came with a few extra elements of functionality that needed to be incorporated such as product specific reviews and scrollers to showcase the products that were on offer in the best possible way, without taking up too much space.

We took an export of all of their products from their current site and imported it into the new build which is now on WordPress with WooCommerce enabled in order to give the client the most manageable system possible on which they can work and build up their portfolio.

The build incorporated a range of elements from the visual drop down menu to the filtering system, the styling of the description boxes, the hover feature on each product, the sorting system, the Instagram gallery, the icon design, the recent products and popular products features and more. Every element of this design and build has been considered to suit Heyl Interiors branding, ethos and customer base, creating a fusion of functionality and design.

How did SEO Play a fundamental part in the design?

Optimising a site for their services and location is something we do as standard for our Web Design & Development clients. Building them a new site is a great step in the right direction but when that site is then built on the best practice principles of SEO, their site can grow from strength to strength straight off the bat.

We optimised the website throughout to improve what was already included within the site. As the client then transferred from Web Design to SEO once the build was complete, we were able to take the site even further, thanks to the complementary nature of SEO practices and WordPress.

As we built the site for ease of use by the client and their customers, performance improvements, flexibility in terms of optimisation abilities, and more, we were able to create a site that was ready for any marketing strategy. Improving the technical workings of the site, meant that the site structure was cleaner, less 301s and 404s were in place, the linking structure was improved, the site loaded quicker, with a quicker response time, content was optimised for the keywords the client wanted to target, and site interactivity was reinvigorated based on heat maps and conversion rate optimisation techniques. Overall we improved the site on a multitude of levels

What about the RESULTS?

The results of this build speak for themselves...

  • Organic traffic as increased by around 30% since the site went live
  • Overall traffic has increased by a combined rate of nearly 20%
  • Ranking have improved with the site now ranking in 3rd position on page 1 of Google’ SERPs for the national term ‘reclaimed wood furniture’ which has a monthly search volume of 2,400 searches.

The feedback from Heyl Interioris also speaks for itself with Claire Lambert saying;

"Espresso Web have been really professional and on the ball throughout, nothing is too much trouble or unachievable. I was reluctant at first to re-design our site but seeing it now it's definitely the best thing we could have done!! Love it and get loads of comments. Thanks to all the team, especially Stacy, Kelly and Mike for all your help and assistance. Looking forward to the next stage!

Big thanks from Heyl Interiors!"

The feedback from the client is the element that means the most to us when it comes to results, because we have managed to overhaul the client's’ online business, increasing their traffic, rankings and conversion rate to help grow their business.

We provide ongoing support to the team at Heyl Interiors as and when they need it and have also given them training on using their new CMS and also in using Google Analytics to track the performance of their site going forward.

Heyl Interiors

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