What was the problem?

Offline and away from the world of the web the Fusion group were very well known in the office refurbishment industry. In recent years they began to fall behind their competitors, not when it came to designing the perfect office environment, but actually achieving the initial inquiry due to having a poor online presence. Things were starting to slow down in terms of gaining new inquiries through their website, yet the group were still as strong as ever due to their fantastic local reputation. We were faced with the task of restructuring the online presence for the company with a focus on having an improved website design, improved search engine visibility and a structured marketing strategy.

Fusion Case Study

Disciplines used

  • UX Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Link Outreach
  • On Page technical improvements
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Email marketing directives
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • 3rd Party integrations
  • Performance analysis and direction

The Solution

The website design stage was actually the easiest part as we had an in-depth history of the company's analytics to guide us through their previous journeys. Our design team worked through the needs of the company, openly discussed the journey and determined the perfect solution for their visit, using the typical UX flow to determine the most suitable framework. From here the team used their creativity to come up with a design which met this criteria, all the while still showcasing the perfect office environments Fusion group are able to create.

Fusion are a creative company who transform the most functional office spaces into creative and energetic environments. This is exactly how we needed to portray the company through the website transformation. Combining this design with the other disciplines and departments is where our journey became a little trickier.

How did search engine optimisation play a fundamental part of the design?

Designing a website is only a small fraction of an overall marketing strategy, as making a beautiful website that cannot perform in search is a big NO! Throughout the entire design and build process our search engine optimisation team were consulted and involved in all decision making. From a technical point of view, building a website is crucial for any SEO strategy, as things ranging from URL structure and 301 redirects, through to speed and linking structures, all need to be considered.

Combine this with content placement, conversion rate planning and of course ongoing improvements (and not to mention an action packed social media strategy), we have completely re-engineered their online marketing campaign.

Marketing post design and live was always in the back of our mind and knowing where we began to where things have progressed really shows the successfulness of our thought out strategy and campaign.

Our head of SEO took control of this project personally, watching over the development of the project. He monitored the entire content marketing strategy and conducted the required outreach to see the project achieve the required results.

What about the RESULTS?

With national first page rankings on all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo & Bing, along with an aesthetically pleasing and highly converting website, we know we have ticked the right boxes. The Fusion group are now receiving more leads than ever before, all thanks to the combined efforts of our highly talented, enthusiastic and strategical team.

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