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Website Design

Website Design Middlesbrough

Website design is essentially the bread and butter of our digital marketing agency. With that being said, we like to ensure that we deliver only the very best results for our clients. With the internet being used every second of every day, it really is a fundamental part of any business to have an attractive, engaging and functional website. Our job is to ensure your business is getting found online for the products or services that you provide, whether that be locally or nationally.

Based in Middlesbrough, Espresso Web make it our business to go above and beyond and ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our customers are more than just numbers or statistics of completed websites, our customers begin a journey with us, which involves a long lasting, healthy business relationship.

Website Design Options

Espresso Web are a Middlesbrough based digital marketing agency who design and build websites for local businesses, as well as national and international blue chip companies too. As a web design agency that truly cares about our clients needs, it is our job to find the solution to your online problems. We pride ourselves on our NO PACKAGE solutions, which means every piece of work we price is based solely around your needs. We have a range of three basic options for our website design services which give us a foundation of which to work from. Budget aside, we have to know where you want to be and what you expect to achieve -- Would you recommend a two seater sports car to a family with 3 children? The same goes for website design, we must establish your objectives to guide you to the most appropriate platform.

Website Design

Brochure Websites

These are the most basic form of website, and can have as many pages as you require. Each page will offer information to potential visitors through text and images. This is where most websites begin life and give you a platform to begin advertising your business online.

Brochure website designs are perfect for businesses on a budget, or for those who require little modification to the website once it is complete. Brochure websites do not have to stay as such though, most can be upgraded at a later date to include anything from a CMS to a full blown e-commerce system.

Content Management

Website’s that have a fully integrated content management system (CMS) will give you full control over the content of your website. You can change this whenever you need to, upload images and edit the text found on your website.

These websites are perfect for the ever changing business and give you complete control over the images and text which your customers see. As a creative agency we have two core options when it comes to CMS with either the world renowned WordPress platform for simple control, or a completely bespoke CMS solution for more complex builds. Your business needs, and the style of website design your want, will ultimately depend on which option we will decide upon. We will only ever advise and will never push a particular option on you, unless we feel it is for the best.


E-commerce websites were initially designed to get your shop online and allow you to easily get your products or services in front of potential customers. These can be integrated in to a beautifully designed websites and give your business the very best chance of success.

As with our CMS systems we have a number of options available when it comes to finding the best solution for your needs, be it WordPress, Magento or a completely bespoke build, our creative team are on hand to discuss your requirements and find the right platform to suit you.

Website Design

Unlike many other website design companies in Middlesbrough (and the UK for that matter), the websites we build leave us search engine friendly. This means we can ensure your website gets the very best results and chance of success.

We will make sure that your website has all the key information required in it’s titles, meta data and keyword relevancy, so you can be found for what you want to be found for. Search engine optimisation is a very different service to website design, however the two work hand in hand and should be entwined with any project.

Let our specialists explain the basics and what to expect from a website designed by Espresso Web.

Content Management Platforms

We have a diverse team of creatives who have years of experience dealing with anything from simple website designs through to complex bespoke e-commerce builds designed to test even the largest of agencies. As a digital marketing agency, we love large bespoke builds and watching ideas come to life, however not everyone needs to re invent the wheel. It is our job to find the right CMS platform to suit your needs and drive the returns you want, along with giving you enough control to keep your customers completely up to date with your ever changing services, products, or latest news.

WordPress CMS

In brief, WordPress is one of the largest content management platform systems in the world, used by literally millions of people on a daily basis. It is an open source framework allowing anyone to improve its functionality, create plug-ins to improve its engagement options, and very importantly, keep it up to date with potential security issues. A robust platform that is perfect for standard content management control and our default option when it comes to CMS.

Magento E-Commerce CMS

Magento is quite possibly the largest open source E-Commerce platform in the world and is currently used by some of the biggest companies in the world. The possibilities of Magento are almost endless, and for this reason, it becomes again our first weapon of choice when it comes to e-commerce options. However, as a digital marketing agency and the creative experts we have at our helm, why would we stop with open source when we can go bespoke? Time for you to get creative and come up with something we have never seen before and we will decide the best platform for you to run with. Let’s face it we specialise in website design, let us use our years of experience to guide you.

Yonico Home Improvements Review

We engaged with Stephen at Espresso after 2 failed website redesigns with other companies. Stephen was the most infectious "can do" bloke I've had the pleasure of doing business with in a while. Everything i asked for was met with a "yeah we can do that" or "Ill make that work" attitude. The team at Espresso handled everything for me including translating my Photoshop designs into live pages and writing most of the content for me after just providing a few bullet points of info. They really got into our business of construction to learn what we do, how we do things and our process from initial enquiry to after sales. We are extremely happy with the site and have had many positive comments from customers so far. I would thoroughly recommend the team at Espresso Web Design for their conscientious work ethic and great end results over a relatively short period. Source - Which Web Design Company Profile

Mobile, Tablet & Smart TV Friendly Website Design

When it comes to choosing your web designer you need to ask yourself, "how many people visiting my site will be using a tablet, TV or mobile?". We live in a society where tablets and mobiles have become even more popular than desktops. A recent study shows that over 80% of internet users own a smart-phone and the largest growing device to search the internet is that of a smart TV. Our world is changing and our website design service is changing with it.

When it comes to browsing the internet we like to make sure the websites that leave with our name on them are responsive or adaptive. This means they are built properly to fit the screens of tablets, TV’s and mobiles. In many websites this is not the case and it means that the website will not properly load or will not fit the screen of a tablet or mobile device. Imagine what happens when someone on a mobile phone comes to your large e commerce website and cannot click a button or link? That's right you have lost them to a competitor. Not to mention this is now clearly a ranking factor for Google.

Website Design from Espresso Web in Middlesbrough

In this day and age, Espresso Web believe having a responsive website is not optional it is fundamental and a minimum requirement when it comes to web design.

Choosing The Right Company For You

In a very competitive website design market it's very important for you to choose a web design company who not only knows what they are doing, but will be suited to your requirements. On top of this it's important to find a company who is willing to take care of your online marketing needs and ensure a good online presence. Espresso Web offer you our services as well as our promise that we will always go the extra mile when it comes to meeting your requirements. It is our aim to get inside your business and work with you like ti was our own to get the best appearance and marketing strategy going forward from your brand new website.

Although Espresso Web are based in Middlesbrough, we have designed websites for people all over the world and with the use of our interactive presentations and meeting training sessions available through we are sure to get you the perfect website design. If you are ever unsure why not use the government guide to helping you get online here.