Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites

What is Responsive Design?

We are sure there will be many of you who are taking an interest in the development of websites but aren’t up to scratch with what ‘responsive’ means. The simplest way to explain to you how a responsive website works is for you to open a website on your desktop or laptop, then alter the size of the window. In theory when you do this the size of the web page should change too. If this is the case, then the website is responsive. If not, then you are looking at a website that isn’t.

Espresso Web know how many of you reading this right now like to use your phone or tablet device to browse the web. Have you ever clicked on a website and noticed that it doesn’t function properly? This is because the business haven’t developed their website to be responsive, therefore it won’t be compatible with smart-phones or hand-held technology.

Why is Responsive Web Design so important?

Having a responsive website is extremely important in this day and age. With so many smart-phone, android and tablet users, the need for a fully functioning website cannot be stressed enough. As many of you will already be aware, a solid online presence is extremely vital in ensuring the success of your business.

Being pioneers of the web operating in Middlesbrough, Espresso Web have developed a valuable amount of knowledge in the field of responsive websites, and we can work closely with you to achieve the ultimate goal - A fully functioning responsive website that works on any type of device.

Responsive Mobile Designs

In a competitive online industry, it's important to be up-to-date with the ever-moving times, and incorporate the most modern technology into the design of your website. Espresso Web have decided to take the future into our own hands and offer you the opportunity to use the latest tools and technology in your websites build.

Benefits to Customers

Working from our base in Middlesbrough, Espresso Web have taken responsive website design to the next level and can turn your website into one which will have two different styles, a desktop site and a mobile site. This puts the power back in your hands and your users hands, offering you flexibility and versatility. Your customers will be able to access your website on a variety of devices, that each come with differing screen sizes, and unique, individual settings.

Benefits of a Responsive Website

Responsive Tablet Designs

The benefits of having a responsive website are pretty clear cut from an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) point of view. There will never be the worry of duplicate content as Espresso Web have the ability to optimise the speed of load time, single meta data and improve conversion (with reduced bounce rate). We offer responsive websites as a standalone service to adapt your current website or as part of a package deal that involves a full refurbishment.

As technology develops all the time, it's extremely important to maintain the standards set by your competitors and keep up to date with what similar businesses are doing. With a team of experienced web developers/designers, we know exactly how to format your website, providing you with a website that functions properly on all devices and offers you and your target audience an easy way to view your platform on their phone, tablet or desktop.